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IMC Conceptual Development

Length: Max 3500 words +/- 10% Rationale: This assessment is designed to test the student’s knowledge, skills or capabilities of the materials covered during the semester. Each question is of equal value. The Chapter numbers refer to Belch, G., Belch, M., Kerr, G. and Powell, I. (2014). Advertising: An Integrated Marketing Communication Perspective, 3rd Ed. McGraw Hill, Australia. ISBN 9781743078655 Task Chapter 9: The text describes a number of different positioning strategies. Give examples of products or brands that utilise each of these different strategies. Chapter 9: It has been said that benefit segmentation should be the starting point for determining…


Key forces driving the new marketing realities

Consider the three key forces driving the new marketing realities. How are they likely to change in the future? What other major trends or forces might affect marketing? Introduction: The world as a fully-fledged economy thrives on various markets existing owing to the consumer taste and aspiration across the globe. It doesn’t matter in which part of the world one goes, one would always find a sparkling resemblance in each market on the grounds of comparison like the Demography, Target Audience, Social sentiment, Ethnic Origin and the list goes on along with the regulations clipped by the governing bodies of respective…


Major assignment – Business report!

Major Assignment:  The major assignment will be done individually. The major assignment requires a written business report of no more than 2500 words plus appendices. It is worth 45% to end of semester mark.  The assignment is to be submitted via Turnitin which will be explained to you in class in Week 2. There will be additional information explained in class by your lecturer as well as providing a Table of Contents. The assignment is divided into two sections with Section A due in Week 6 and Section B in Week 10 There are three (3) topics this semester which are…


Assignment: case study titled ‘Home Pharmaceuticals’

Description Marks out of Wtg (%) Due date Case Study 1 (2000 words) 40 40 10 December 2017   Please see the case titled ‘Home Pharmaceuticals’ in the assignment forum on study desk.  This case is applicable to both Case Study Assignment and the examination.  You are required to analyse this case and answer the questions below. Important instructions: 1) The format of presenting the case study answers is indicated in the assignment questions below. Please note that neither a report format nor essay format is required; just follow the format and instructions in the assignment questions below.  A general introduction and conclusion to the…


Marketing Management – HI5004

Assessment 1: Individual assignment   Due date: Friday Week 5 Weight: 20% of total marks Length: 1500 words This length limit includes any text, figures, tables, in-text references, and appendices. This limit does not include the cover page, table of contents, or list of references (at the end of assignment). Submission: On due date submit to Blackboard on Final submission link Requirement: There are two topics and students need to discuss any one topic in detail, good structure and demonstrate deep knowledge of that topic, at least 10-12 references. Index and referencing will not be counted in 1500 words. Topics:…


SPO102 – Sports Marketing Assignment

This assessment item will require students to take a position or stance by creating a critical argument (Click here for academic writing guide) of a current controversial International or domestic issue in sports and/or recreation examining the marketing implications by using sound theory and reasoning as support. Each issue below has some media (videos and website links) links to help you in creating your argument. You also need to search for additional information on your chosen topic. Choose one of these topics to complete your argument. Instructions: Detailed instructions for the assessment include the following:  Introduction or background information on…


Assignment 3: Communication and Pricing Strategies (12%)

Introduction In this assignment, you will first investigate the functions of different communication elements (advertising, PR, trade shows, direct marketing, personal selling, and so on) and integrate them into the communication strategy that you will develop for your chosen firm. You will then review the nature of the competition in your chosen company’s market; from this information, you will develop a pricing strategy for your chosen firm. The information from this assignment forms part of the fourth section of your business marketing plan, referred to as the “Marketing Mix Strategies.” This assignment is divided into two parts:  # Part I: Communication…


HC2022 MARKETING RESEARCH – assignment help !

Assignment 1 – Individual Assignment ResMarket Pty is a Sydney based market research firm. The company has decided to adopt new technologies to enhance their marketing research activities for their clients and to remain competitive in the market. However, there are still scepticisms because of the cost of the technologies. You have been asked to prepare a report to submit to the management focusing on “The impact of technology on marketing research in today’s business environment.” This report should be persuasive and should identify what the company stands to benefit if they adopt these new technologies into their operations. Marking Criteria; Executive…


Drivers of International Marketing – Assignment help!

Assessment item 1 Drivers of International Marketing Value: 10% Due date: 13-Aug-2017 Return date: 04-Sep-2017 Length: ~500 words Submission method options Alternative submission method Task The first assessment is designed to help ensure you have two key skills you will need throughout this subject: (1) applying theory to real world situations and (2) referencing. If you can do both these things well, many of the issues associated with preparing and producing work for this subject will be reduced. We have provided three resources for you to use to help you with Assessment One. Even if you feel very confident about your…


Marketing for Managers !

Task Description Individual Written Task – 3 This individual written task 3 is directly related to your mid-term assessment (i.e., individual written task 2). This final task is a summative assessment and a portfolio that builds upon the assessment task 2. Therefore, this final task requires your knowledge, skills, experience, and feedback that you learned from the assessment task 2. In fact, about 50% discussion of your written task 3 will be generated from the assessment task 2. However, please make sure that the “turnitin” matching rate is still less than 30%. While the assessment task 2 asked you to analyze…