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    Question 1 – Address usage                                                                         (3 marks)


    Consider the following classless address in a given block:



    Answer the following questions:


    1. a) What is the network address of the block? (1 mark)
    2. b) What is the direct broadcast address on that network? (1 mark)
    3. c) How many addresses are available as host addresses? (1 mark) Show ALL the steps that you have taken to arrive at your answer

    Question 2– Allocating subnets from a block                                            (8 marks)


    A company has been granted a block of addresses which includes the address   Answer the following questions, showing your calculations.


    1. a) Create the following 6 subnets for this company by calculating the correct number of addresses and subnet address for each subnet. Provide your answer in the table in the Answer Template. Use CIDR format for the ma



    The six (6) subnets required by the company are as follows: I. 2 subnets with 128 addresses each (2 marks)

    1. II. 2 subnets with 64 addresses each (2 marks)

    III.      2 subnets with 32 addresses each (2 marks)



    1. b) After allocating the subnets, how many addresses remain unallocated (leftover)? Show your calculati   (2 mark)


    Question 3 – Network Tools (Windows)                                                                (4 marks)


    This part of the assignment requires you to explore some common networking tools and answer the given questions. netstat and tracert are included in Windows, while Wireshark is free to download and install.  Explore these tools, then answer the questions.


    1. a) A Wireshark scan has produced a packet capture, saved to a file named COIT20261_Assipcap and available on the Unit Moodle website. Download the file and open it using Wireshark, then answer these questions information found in the capture file:
    2. View Frame 65 and answer the following questions: Which transport layer protocol was used? Which application is this variant of transport layer protocol supports (explain how you determined this)? (1 mark)





    1. View Frame 2306 and 2307, and answer the following questions: Which application layer protocol data is carried in these frames?  What is the difference in the type of application layer data these two frames carry (explain how you know this)? (1 mark)




    1. b) Run the ipconfig /all command on your computer and paste the output to your assignment answer template. Write down the default gateway IP address from your output and explain the role played by the default gateway in network communicati (1 mark)




    1. c) Run the tracert command on your computer for the host (tracert Paste the output of your tracert command to your assignment answer template and discuss the output in sufficient details to demonstrate your understanding of the information being displayed by the tracert comma In your discussion, you must include meaning of specific information displayed on the output, e.g., host address, rows containing star marks (*) etc., that you have pasted in the assignment. (1 mark)

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