7026CEM Security of Emerging Connected Systems

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    Security of Emerging Connected Systems Assignment help

    Laws and legal background:

    For each piece, the report must discuss the UK and US legislation that might be applicable. Covering the legal aspects, penalties, legal implications, and the legal consequences on the related parties – the attacker, the system developer, the distributer (e.g. re-seller), and the end user. Your report must clearly link the issues found in pieces 1 and 2 to the relevant sections of legislation explaining why the legislation is relevant.

    • UK Law understanding and coverage (50%, ~800-900 words): coverage of all applicable legal aspects and a demonstration of a good understanding of the relevant legislation and the applicable legal consequences or penalties resulting from the legislation.

    • US Law understanding and coverage for both pieces (40%, ~600-700 words): coverage of key aspects to be considered and the applicable legal consequences or penalties.

    Report (10%): a report suitable for both technical staff and non-technical management; the style/structure of the report, and the use of language and grammar. Use proper way of citations, check Coventry University’s guide on writing. Style recommendations:

    o Use 3rd person and passive voice rather than 1st and 2nd person.
    o Use MS Word with Arial /Sans Serif font or Times New Roman, size 12, and 1.15 line spacing.
    o Paragraphs are left alignment or justified.
    o Acronyms should be capitalised, explained, and added to a table of acronyms at the beginning of the report.
    o Figures, tables, and graphs should be captioned and added to list of figures, tables, and graphs.
    o Add a table of contents at the beginning of the report.
    o Avoid using American English and use British English.
    o Wikipedia must not be used as a reference, through it can be used as a key point or a start for reading and gaining knowledge, with checking the right references.
    o All legislation must be properly referenced.

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