7028CEM Digital Data Acquisition, Recovery and Analysis

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Digital Data Acquisition, Recovery and Analysis Assignment help


You are to report on an evaluation of open source versus commercial Forensic tools (750 words)
You are to write a research paper with references, between 5 and 10 of these references has to be
peer reviewed publications: relevant conference, journal articles and books, of which a maximum
of 2 can be books. Your paper should be a detailed discussion and evaluation of the methodological,
ethical, legal and professional issues of the topic under consideration, as discussed in current
research papers. A general wide ranging or introductory discussion, or a discussion that
concentrates on non-technical implications alone, is likely to score very low marks. As a guide,
your paper should be 750 words (excluding references).

Report should cover topic of installation, licensing, configuration and the effective use.
Furthermore, the evaluation of the products to conduct forensic investigations on Microsoft
Windows OS and other operating systems. In addition, the analysis of data recovery in terms of
digital forensics examination sources of electronic evidence, search and seizure issues, hard drive
geometry and physical characteristics of storage media, imaging digital evidence, and validating
image file integrity.

Lack of proper references will weaken the argument which may affect all marking criteria. Exact
copy from source and pasting into the report, without proper paraphrasing or using own words, may result
in being reported for plagiarism or academic misconduct.

Care should be taken to ensure that your paper is unbiased and accurately referenced using the APA
(Coventry University) referencing system (see attached sheet for an explanation of this and
potential sources of help).

Quotations should be no more than two lines long and, taken all together, should represent
less than 10% of the words written. The remaining 90% of this assignment must be entirely
in your own words.

Your paper should be appropriately sectioned, well-structured and should clearly set out your own
analysis and conclusions. Your conclusions should be backed up by well-reasoned arguments and
should be suitably illustrated with appropriate examples. It is not enough to regurgitate or
summarize material found in literature. A reference list must be included at the end of the research

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