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    Report Format
    The written one page report should have a clear structure, which is evident through the
    use of a numbering system that clearly identifies each answer. Embed your recording at
    the top of your bibliography page.

    Guidance on recording audio files can be found here: https://youtu.be/Hp3XGClXjBY
    File name format: Familyname-Firstname-7032maaApr23.doc
    In MS Word document format ONLY.

    You have decided the best way to tackle this project is by examining academic case
    studies and market research companies that assess industry sectors such as the Freight
    Transport Association, Road Haulage Association, Keynotes, and Mintel would be helpful
    in gaining an idea of the services offered by businesses involved in the transport and
    logistics service market sector such as express pallet, courier and parcel services and the
    road haulage industry as a whole.

    Module Learning Outcomes assessed in this assignment:

    Learning outcome 2: Evaluate key cost structures, revenue generation and investment
    appraisal methods

    Learning outcome 3: Critically appraise the key approaches to costing and pricing of
    logistics activities

    Learning outcome 5: Apply appropriate techniques to judge financial performance of a
    logistics or supply chain business

    This assignment will account for 67% or 10 credits of the coursework assessment
    for this module

    The overall grade will be influenced by the application of the scenario as well as the clarity
    and justification of ideas presented in the report.

    A basic report which meets the learning outcomes with basic referencing and obvious
    justifications will earn a pass grade of 40/100 (40%) or above.

    A grade of 50/100 (50%) will contain an adequate level of application and understanding of
    logistics costings and pricing concepts with adequate justifications.
    A grade of 60/100 (60%) and above will contain a good level of application and
    appreciation of logistics costings and pricing concepts and be well applied with good

    A grade of 70/100 (70%) and above will demonstrate a level of excellence of application
    and appreciation of logistics costings and pricing concepts and be well applied with
    excellent justifications.

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