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    Megadodo Publications

    Megadodo Publications is a company located in the outskirts of Warwick. After a period of rapid expansion, they now occupy two buildings (Ursa Major Alpha and Ursa Minor Beta) located around 80 meters apart in a piece of land owned by the organisation. Despite investing in new and powerful networking equipment their computer network (set by some computer technicians with little networking knowledge) is currently performing poorly. In addition, during the last year they have experienced multiple security related incidents resulting in sensitive information leaking into the public domain. Resolving this situation is becoming rather urgent since currently they are negotiating a rather important government contract. As such, the president of the company has contacted you asking for a proposal regarding how the problems they are currently experiencing could be resolved. Amongst other documents he has provided, there are a network topology diagram (see figure 1), their addressing scheme (see Table 1), a list of equipment and a copy of the existing security policy (not included, but imagine this document was provided and you went through it). In addition to the information provided you have been invited to visit the company and study/investigate the problems they are having.

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