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    Task andMark distribution:

    Organised yourself into a group of five.

    You are required in the group of five (5 maximum) select a company and a key product the company
    would need to source. Then create and deliver a 20-minute PowerPoint presentation as a group
    followed by a 10 Viva as a group to answer question on your presentation.

    The presentation with be on contract management in an Industry of your choice focusing on the three
    learning outcomes (1,2,3) set for the module. (Sourcematerial and links to databases are provided
    through Aula and locate)

    As a group you are to select an Industry and Company along with identifying a significant contract you
    need to develop including the following:-

    1. A significant piece of procurement for the company identified.
    2. The key legal elements the procurement process and contract must include detailing why.
    3. Detail and justify the type of contract that would be awarded.
    4. The tending process including due diligence detail key areas to be coved in the tender
    5. Develop and justify the supplier selection process including methodology and selection method.
    6. Complete a risk management plan for the process including mitigation strategies.

    The project/topic/case study that you wish to review will need to be approved by the module leader.
    This presentationwill count towards your module mark and each student will be peer assessed through
    a peer assessment system. If you fail to complete the peer assessment process, there is a 5% penalty.
    Your discussion should focus on good practice and due diligence Each member of the group will all need
    to speak for at least 4 minutes.

    The presentation will include the following elements:
    1. Introduction 5%
    2. Key legal elements 15%
    3. Contract Strategy / Type 15%
    4. Tendering process including due diligence 20%
    5. Supplier Selection Process including risk management 20%
    6. Referencing 5%
    7. Viva / Q&A 20%

    (Each of the above sections will be weighted as shown above for a total of 100% for this assignment)
    This assignment will be Peer Reviewed.

    In all cases the report should bemore than descriptive collations of individual submissions or library
    material (sources should be referenced in detail, notions alone are not acceptable) should illustrate
    relevant aspects of theory and accepted practices, and demonstrate thoughtfulanalysis and discussionof
    key issues.

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