7090CEM Computer Architecture and System Programming

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    Module Learning Outcomes Assessed:

    1. Evaluate alternative systems software and machine performance features in order to select appropriate tools for technical and operational requirements.

    2. Critically review a wide range of system architecture for applications and user requirements whilst considering the constraints of performance, cost, security and usability.

    3. Examine different architectural styles to determine the suitable applications and measure their effectiveness in meeting performance and other critical requirements.

    4. Demonstrate the ability to design and implement a computer system based on parallel architecture solutions. 5. Discuss the advance of technology and trends to meet the increasing demands of new application requirements.

    Task and Mark distribution:
    Conduct a literature review on Domain-specific Architectures (DSAs). These are currently used in industry to achieve high computing performance in an efficient manner. Your literature review should include a discussion of a typical structure of DSAs, and their design issues. The review should also consider typical architectural features used to enhance the energy-efficiency, dependability, performance, security, and cost of DSAs, as well as typical application domains of DSAs. The review should include a discussion on how various parallelism techniques are exploited in DSAs.

    As part of the review, discuss the design features of an instruction set that could be used in a DSA system. The trend of development of DSAs and a comparison of DSA accelerators with standard CPUs and GPUs should also be discussed.

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