7136SOH Transforming Healthcare Business Case Project

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    Transforming Healthcare Business Case Project Assignment help

    These guidelines contain information about:
    • Intended Module Learning outcomes
    • What is expected of you
    • The role of your project supervisor
    • The project format
    • Project length
    • Confidentiality and plagiarism
    • Submitting your project
    • Assessment of the project
    • Marking

    2. INTENDED MODULE LEARNING OUTCOMES The intended module learning outcomes are that on completion of the module, the student should be able to: 1. Critically analyse a current practice-based management problem or issue, which impacts upon patient care or health care delivery, critically appraising the evidence to justify the need for the project. 2. Critically demonstrate understanding of the ethical issues involved in addressing the management problem and undertaking the business case project, and in so doing gain the necessary ethical approval and first stage approval to proceed to implementation. 3. Critically justify the business case project orally. 4. Critically evaluate and synthesise relevant evidence, assessing the impact of evidence-based solutions and approaches to implementation that will enable transformation in the delivery of health care services. 5. Formulate a business case proposal for transforming the delivery of health care that is clear and impactful, applying project management theory, tools and techniques, demonstrating its feasibility and a systematic and justified approach to implementation.

    Achievement of learning outcomes 1 – 3 will be assessed through coursework 1, the 20-minute individual presentation (10 credits), whereas learning outcome 1 – 5 will be assessed through coursework 2 , the 6000-word business case dissertation (30 credits).

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