7136SOH Transforming Healthcare Business Case Project

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    Transforming Healthcare Business Case Project Assignment help

    The following provides some guidance on the requirements of coursework 1 for 7136SOH Transforming Healthcare Business Case Project which you will develop eewith tutorial support from your project supervisor.
    The purpose of the individual presentation is to establish that you have identified a healthcare management problem and analysed its underlying cause(s), using relevant literature and management tools to determine the relevance and viability of your business case project.

    Coursework 1: 20-minute Individual Presentation (10 credits)

    You will be required to prepare and submit the following demonstrate achievement of learning outcomes 1, 2 and 3:
    An individual 20-minute live presentation (in-person), ± 2 minutes. Submit supporting PowerPoint slides of no more than 12 slides, providing an overview of your analysis and evaluation of the health care management problem/issue, defining it using management theory/ tools, the underlying root cause(s), stakeholder analysis, providing justification for why it should be prioritised as a management problem and addressing ethical issues. To be submitted no later than 6:00pm on Friday 9th of June 2023, and all viva’s done on or before 6:00pm on Friday 16th of June 2023. The live in-person presentation will also assess your presentation skills and ability to convince a
    Health Board on the need for your proposed business case project.

    The information should clearly demonstrate:
    • Critical analysis and evaluation of the healthcare management problem/issue.
    • Critical evaluation of the management problem using management tools.
    • Critical evaluation of the management problem, providing justification why it should be prioritised considering ethical issues.

    The presentation will be live and in-person and should fully complement the material contained within the slides submitted, which should be designed professionally. Please remember that in a presentation of 12 slides it will be difficult to contain all the information about the healthcare management problem, but the aim is to prioritise key information that demonstrates your depth of knowledge and level of thinking.

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