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    Learning Outcomes

    1. To recognise the value of continuing professional development through the use of an electronic or physical portfolio to evidence learning and achievement.

    Things to look out for:

    1. An active domain link which can be found on cover page of submission
    2. CPDs and reflections/explanations on need/why the CPD and impact
    • Showcase learning across the course and the other modules
    1. To develop and understand the importance of self-management in order to inform and shape your ongoing self-development and organisational skills as a leader and manager

    Things to look out for: (self-management/time management/organisational skills)

    1. SWOT analysis of self
    2. Personal development plan
    • Timely upload/update of activities in domain page (check dates – is there a story/timeline? Are you able to track the progress based on when items where uploaded?)
    1. How organised, accessible, and presentable is the portfolio?
    2. Are you able to identify the things that are important to them personally and their growth and development and why?
    3. To critically review your progress through the course in the form of an appropriate action plan.

    Things to look out for:

    1. A 1000-word final reflection +/- 10%
    2. Must use one reflective model of choice and critique it
    • Ensure that reflection presented refers/links to domain
    1. Different reflections along the way to evidence progress and development
    2. Goals set & Action plans developed and how they were achieved (progress review of SWOT, PDP, etc.?)
    3. Conclude reflection with SMART action plan
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