ABOR1110 Introduction To Aboriginal Studies

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    ABOR1110 Introduction to Aboriginal Studies is an interdisciplinary course that provides an overview of the historical, cultural, social, and political experiences of Indigenous peoples in Canada. The course examines the diverse cultures and traditions of Indigenous peoples, the impacts of colonization and residential schools, the effects of federal policies, and contemporary issues facing Indigenous communities.

    The course explores the importance of Indigenous worldviews, values, and beliefs, and their significance in shaping Indigenous identity and culture. Students will gain an understanding of the diverse ways in which Indigenous peoples have maintained their cultural heritage and how they are reasserting their rights and sovereignty in contemporary times.

    Some of the key topics covered in the course may include the historical and ongoing impacts of colonization, Indigenous perspectives on the land and the environment, the role of Indigenous knowledge and spirituality, contemporary issues such as the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, the Indian Act, and current issues facing Indigenous communities, including health, education, and justice.

    Students in ABOR1110 will engage with a range of texts, including academic articles, memoirs, films, and other media to gain a comprehensive understanding of Indigenous cultures, histories, and contemporary issues. The course aims to foster critical thinking and reflection on the issues and challenges facing Indigenous peoples and to promote a greater appreciation for Indigenous perspectives and knowledge.

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