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    Instructions for submitting assessment:

    • In order to complete the Coursework satisfactory you will be required to research/review the appropriate academic materials/journals etc. relating to the areas that you consider to be important. The following link will inform you about the layout of referencing: Harvard referencing link:
    • The coursework must be completed in WORD, and correctly referenced so sources and any technical information can be verified as required. If you wish you can undertake calculations in Excel and copy and paste into the Coursework or you may insert an Excel spreadsheet into the assessment (coursework paper).
    • Your answers should be entered into the assessment (coursework) paper in the space indicated. Note the size of the answer space is NOT indicative of the length of the answer required, you can expand/reduce the space available as necessary
    • You MUST show all your workings as marks are allocated to the workings.
    • The assignment requires a report format, which implies the use of formal business English.
    • You should use Font Arial 11 and 1.5 line spacing.
    • Your assessment should be uploaded to Moodle and submitted via Turnitin as a single WORD document by 13th January by 12:00 Noon.

    Use your own name and student ID as the document title when uploading to Moodle.

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