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Accounting Assignment


FNS60215 Advanced Diploma of Accounting

Code: FNS60215 Subject: Advanced Diploma of Accounting Assessment 1 Part A – Written or Oral Questions 1. a. What is the financial risk? (1 mark) Financial risk can be referred to the possibility that shareholders or relevant business stakeholders may face monetary loss when investing in a debt-ridden company and cash flow of the organisation fails to meet the financial obligations (Melicher, Norton and Town, 2015). b. What factors may affect the type and extent of an organisation’s exposure to financial risks? (3 marks) There are several factors that may influence the types and exposure of an organisation to financial risks such as…


ACCT6007 Financial Accounting Theory and Practice

Instructions: Download and critically analyze an academic article written by Daniel Hood. This article can be found in the Torrens University library using the following citation: Hood, D. (2018), Brace yourself for AI & blockchain: There’s less threat and more opportunity in emerging technologies than many think Accounting Today. Vol. 32 No. 1, p1-31.3p, Database: Business Source Ultimate You may use an essay format or any other acceptable academic format for critical review. Use APA referencing style guide. Use a minimum of 10 academic references. Answer the following questions or topics during your analysis. 1. Briefly explore and explain what is…


Accounting information system !

Question 1: What role do accountant’s play in today’s information intensive organizations? The accountant has the role of staff function in any organization as they are not the part of revenue generating divisions of the businesses. However, they have important role in information intensive organization for evaluating the financial and operating performance of the companies. The complex business structure of the companies is required to be monitored by the various departments along with different viewpoints. Moreover, the accountant provides the financial data management by means of collecting and maintaining the accounting data. Further, such recorded data is helpful in analyzing…


Financial analysis of Alaris Holdings Limited

Alaris Holdings Limited – Current ratio = Current assets / current liabilities 2017 109424 / 76488 = 2.2 2016 199926 / 90558 = 1.43   The normal acceptance of current ratio is more than 1, which is indicates the capability of meeting the creditor’s obligations with the current assets. However, higher amount of current ratio is not acceptable as it might reflect the fault in working capital management policy of the company (Delen, Kuzey and Uyar, 2013). In this context, Alaris Holdings belongs to communication industry, antenna manufacturer and products related to radio frequency and wideband products. Hence, this company should…


HC1010 Accounting For Business

Group Assignment Topic: Identifying and assessing the financial statement analysis by Understanding the financial ratios, directors report and ethical standards The objective of this project is to provide you with an opportunity to assess the company’s financial position and analyse according to the given data in Annual report. Part 1: Annual report from ASX listed company, Explain current FY (2017-2018) with the comparison of previous 02 financial years: a.P/L statement b. Cash flow statement c. Balance sheet Part 2: Ratio Analysis:  Explain current FY (2017-2018) with the comparison of previous 02 financial years. Following ratios should be calculated according to the…


ACC204 – Advanced Financial Accounting

You are required to finish each of these questions, total 40 marks. Please give the solutions in detail, show calculations and submit the solutions to Moodle using a single file, it can be Excel format, Word format or PDF format, no requirement on word limits. If any reference was used, please refer to Harvard style. Question 1 (10 marks), Question 2 (10 Marks), Question 3 (10 Marks), Question 4 (10 Marks). 1) You have been appointed the accountant of a new organisation that is preparing its first set of financial statements. In determining the depreciation for the first year, what sorts…


ACCM 4600 : Accounting Theory and Contemporary Issues

Assessment Information  Subject Code: ACCM 4600 Subject Name: Accounting Theory and Contemporary Issues Assessment Title: Individual case study Weighting: 50% of overall subject mark; please note that you must pass the final exam (50%) to successfully complete this subject. Total Marks: 50 Marks; Part 1- 10 marks and Part 2 – 40 marks Due Date: Part 1 – 10 Marks: due Monday 11 December 2017 (week 5) Part 2 – 40 Marks: due Monday 22 January 2018 (week 10)                      Assessment Description Subject Learning Outcome 1: Research and argue a position in regard to a contemporary issue in the accounting profession Submission:…


HI6028 Taxation Theory, Practice & Law

Instructions:  This assignment is to be submitted by the due date in soft-copy only (Safe assign – Blackboard). The assignment is to be submitted in accordance with assessment policy stated in the Subject Outline and Student Handbook. It is the responsibility of the student submitting the work to ensure that the work is in fact his/her own work. Ensure that when incorporating the works of others into your submission that it is appropriately acknowledged.   QUESTION 1 Over the last 12 months, Eric acquired the following assets: an antique vase (for $2,000), an antique chair (for $3,000), a painting (for $9,000), a…

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