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    ADMN 2167 Business Decision Making is a course that focuses on the principles and techniques used in making effective business decisions. The course aims to develop students’ skills in critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision analysis within a business context.

    In this course, students typically learn about various decision-making models and tools that can help them analyze and evaluate business situations. Some of the key topics covered in ADMN 2167 may include:

    1. Decision-Making Process: Students are introduced to the fundamental steps involved in the decision-making process, which typically include problem identification, generating alternative solutions, evaluating alternatives, and making a final decision. They learn techniques to improve decision-making effectiveness at each stage.
    2. Quantitative Analysis: The course may involve quantitative methods and data analysis techniques to support decision-making. Students learn how to use tools such as statistical analysis, forecasting, and optimization models to analyze business data and make informed decisions.
    3. Decision Trees and Risk Analysis: Decision trees are graphical models that help in analyzing decisions under uncertainty. Students learn how to construct decision trees and use probability and expected value calculations to evaluate different decision alternatives and assess their risks.
    4. Cost-Benefit Analysis: Students explore cost-benefit analysis as a framework for evaluating the financial implications of different decisions. They learn how to assess the costs and benefits associated with alternative choices and make decisions based on maximizing overall net benefits.
    5. Ethical Decision-Making: The course may also emphasize ethical considerations in decision-making. Students examine ethical dilemmas that arise in business contexts and explore frameworks and ethical decision-making models to guide their choices.
    6. Group Decision-Making: The course may cover techniques for making decisions in group or team settings. Students learn about the challenges and dynamics of group decision-making, effective communication, and conflict resolution within teams.

    Throughout the course, students typically engage in case studies, simulations, and real-world examples to apply the concepts and techniques learned. The goal is to enhance students’ ability to analyze complex business problems, evaluate alternative solutions, and make informed decisions that align with organizational goals and values. ADMN 2167 is commonly offered as part of undergraduate business programs or as an elective course for students interested in developing their decision-making skills.

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