ALR733 Advertising Theory and Practice Assignment Help

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    Code: ALR733

    Subject: Advertising Theory and Practice 

    Assignment 1

    Word Count: 2,500

    Weight: 50%

    Essay question: Is ageism in advertising ethically unsound, bad for business, or a mix of both?

    Don’t feel sorry for old mate… 2019

    Boys are back in town 2019

    Review the South Australia Tourism advertisements (see above) which have been criticised for relying on ageist stereotypes. The advertisement titled Don’t feel sorry for old mate was the subject of complaints to Ad Standards (case no: 0308-19)

    Critically analyse the advertising campaign, the advertiser’s response, and the Ad Standard’s case ruling applying Drumright and Murphy’s principles of moral imagination and moral myopia.

    Consider also who is harmed (and how) and who benefits (and why) from the use of ageism or other relevant stereotypes. Do the benefits to advertisers outweigh the harms to society? Why or why not?

    Draw on the textbook (Arens, Weigold & Arens) and readings you have encountered in the first five weeks but you are also expected to conduct your own research.

    The essay topic asks you to develop an argument and take a position supported by evidence.

     Evidence falls into two categories

    1. Scholarly sources: peer-reviewed journal articles, textbooks, or other research texts
    that have gone through a rigorous review process (this does NOT include such
    things as marketing blogs or content from agencies or business press.)
    2. Current advertising examples, newspaper or media articles reporting on advertising,
    online resources found at agency websites, blog posts, advertising regulators and so

     You must draw on no fewer than 7 scholarly texts (see 1. Above). This is the minimum
    needed to develop a depth of understanding of the key issues and to be able to develop an
    informed and supported a persuasive argument.


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