Analysing an entrepreneurial mindset

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    Analysing an entrepreneurial mindset Assignment help

    Entrepreneurs are confident and independent individuals, intensely committed anddetermined to persevere. They generally share characteristics which distinguish them fromtraditional managers such as recognising opportunities where others see problems, challengethe unknown, take risks, and have a competitive desire to excel and use failure as a learningtool. These characteristics are known as the ‘entrepreneurial mindset’ which is a major driverin creating value in economies.

    This Assessment Task provides you with the opportunity to analyse and gain insight into thebehaviours, motivation, and attitudes of an entrepreneur and critically reflect on how thisentrepreneur’s ‘mindset’ aligns with the described mindsets of entrepreneurs in the academicliterature.

    The unit learning outcomes assessed are:

    LO#1: Critically review the issues that influence how human creativity translates toinnovation, intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship and how this transitional process is
    enabled and managed in different types of settings and organisational forms;

    LO#2: Critically interrogate and evaluate the literature on entrepreneurship and applythat understanding to interpret the steps in the successful trajectory of entrepreneurialventures

    Assessment Structure

    This assessment is about understanding entrepreneurial behaviour and mindset which differentiates anentrepreneur from a traditional manager or business owner.

    The purpose of this task is to:

    1. Select and interview a real entrepreneur based on exploring and understanding the entrepreneur’sexperience, behaviours, motivations, and attitude.

    2. Identify, analyse, assess, and explain the entrepreneur’s behaviour and mindset against ‘expected’behaviour from the academic literature

    To get started on your assessment task, please follow the below instructions.
    1. Research and select an entrepreneur that you wish to interview, contact the entrepreneur, providethem with background on the Assessment task, obtain their permission, set up a time for theinterview;
    2. Develop a set of questions that you will use to interview the entrepreneur, based on interviewtemplate guidelines available on VU Collaborate
    3. Conduct, record and the highlights of the interview;
    4. Conduct a literature review from at least 4 academic sources on the entrepreneurial mindset;
    5. Provide background and information on the entrepreneur and the venture
    6. Assess similarities and differences between the mindset of the person you interviewed, and thecharacteristics described in the literature and provide a view of the importance of somecharacteristics that may have contributed to successful or less successful outcomes of theventure
    7. Submit your Assessment in the allocated dropbox on VU Collaborate
    8. Use the following file naming conventions for your submission: Family name, first name,Assessment 1.

    Assessment Criteria
    The following levels of criteria will be used to grade this assessment task:
    Criterion 1: Information on entrepreneur’s background and his/her venture (15%)
    Criterion 2: Supporting observations and learnings from the interview by relevant literature study(40%)
    Criterion 3: Analysis and assessment of similarities and differences between the mindset of theentrepreneur and literature view of the importance of characteristics (30%)
    Criterion 4: Writing conventions and referencing using Harvard referencing style (15%)

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