ANL251 Python Programming-Tutor Marked Assignment –SUSS

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    (a) Describe the necessary user input to your program using the following table format. Choose the appropriate data type to store each user input. Explain your choices.

    Provide the screenshot of your Python code ONLY for prompting and storing user inputs.
    (15 marks)

    (b) Draw a flowchart to show the steps and briefly describe the logical program flow for calculating the interest earned from the input information. (15 marks)

    (c) Apply your Python programming skills to write a program named “”. Ensure that you do not change this program file name. Your program shall calculate the total interest earned per month.

    The program should have sufficient comments, which should include your name and PI number at the beginning of the source codes, as well as explanations of the corresponding execution steps and analysis of program logic and flow you described in (b).

    Submit your program “” through Canvas separately from the written report. (55 marks)

    (d) Develop three (3) test cases to test the conditional constructs in Question (b). For each test case, describe the inputs, expected output and the screenshots of executing your program “” with EACH given set of inputs. (15 marks)

    ANL251 Python Programming-Tutor Marked Assessment (SUSS)

    In this particular assessment task, there are 4 parts to be done. In task a, the learner is required to describe the essential user input to the program through the utilization of a table format given in the question file. In question b, the student has to draw a flowchart. In question c, the learner is asked to apply the necessary python programming skills for writing a program “”. In the last part d, the learner has to develop three test cases for testing the condition constructs mentioned in question b.

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