Assessment 1- Individual Website Project Assignment Help

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    For this assessment task you are required to develop a website using the latest standards in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.  The website should be designed and developed for a business (real or simulation). For example: local small business, company own by your family, friends. Previous year students’ project website can be found on the Learning Hub.
    Aim / Purpose:
    Students will develop skills in:

    • Design and create a website using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript without the automated generation of code.
    • Communicate with end users to determine document structure; design features and styles; workplace instructions and other technical documents.
    • Validate the HTML pages and the single CSS page against World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards in variety of browsers.

    Part 1 (Due date: Week 4)
    At least two linked pages with contents include text, images, etc. In this submission, you must:

    • Create a website containing HTML5 pages (at least two in this submission, 4-6 pages for the entire website).
    • Create/draw a storyboard (layout position, section, and sizing) and convert this to a HTML template for the website pages.
    • Screen captures of websites used for design inspiration.
    • Include the following elements:
      • Header & footer
      • Navigation, list (ordered or unordered), links
      • Section, headings, paragraphs, DIVs
      • Images
    • Validate all HTML pages and CSS against World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards.

    Part 2 (Due date: Week 8)
    As a carry-on and continue work from part 1, your second submission must contain minimum 4, maximum 6 pages website with a menu, text, images, table and forms styled with CSS. Your website must be tested in different browsers. In this submission, you must:

    • Create a website containing at least FOUR HTML5 pages.
    • Include the following elements:
      • Header & footer
      • Navigation, list (ordered or unordered), links (internal & external including “mailto”)
      • Section, headings, paragraphs, DIVs, id, class
      • Images, font, colour, background
      • Block, inline, sizing, border, padding, margin
      • table, form, nested navigation, background image
      • CSS 3 syntax and styles
      • Position (include absolute), float
      • Design the necessary dynamic component on the pages
    • Create CSS external style sheet(s) to style the web pages.
    • All HTML pages and CSS must be validated and free of error (fix all errors; submission with validation error will be required for resubmission).

    Part 3 (Due date: Week 12)
    This is the last submission of your completed website. You must submit all html pages, at least one CSS file, and at least three JavaScript components (on the page or as a separate .js file). Your submission must include all the requirements listed above as well as the following additional requirements:

    • Create the dynamic web pages with at least three JavaScript and/or Jquery (embedded or separate file) components for the entire website.
    • Trouble shoot problems and document HTML & CSS validation screen and comments.
    • Document JavaScript problems and testing.
    • Different browser testing screen captures & comments.
    • Include at least three of the following features/functions in the JavaScript
      • Slide show
      • Form field(s) validation
      • Functions with parameters (include selection and repetition)
      • Array
      • JS animations
      • Others (e.g. map)

    Zip all your files (including document files) and submit the zipped file on the Learning Hub (blackboard).
    Transfer your completed web site (files) to the RMIT Jupiter server. Provide the URL in your submission to your teacher.
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