Assessment 1: The ‘Flying Pig’ (15%)

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    Assessment 1: The ‘Flying Pig’ (15%)

    (750 – 1,000 words not including footnotes and bibliography)

    Please read the following article and then answer the questions below:

    Olberding, D.J. & Jisha J. ‘The Flying Pig’: Building brand equity in a major urban marathon (2005), Sport Marketing Quarterly, 14, 191-196.


    1. Discuss how the “new breed” of marathon runners influenced the positioning of the Flying Pig Marathon. What is the positioning of the event?
    2. Why did the name ‘Flying Pig’ have special meaning to the people of Cincinnati?
    3. Discuss two of the ways the race organisers generated awareness and support from the local community.
    4. Discuss how Stacy Montagner conducted marketing research when she was designing the marks and logos for the Flying Pig Marathon. What were the benefits and deficiencies of this approach?

    You should include in your essay relevant concepts and theory with appropriate attribution to academic references.


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