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MN501 Network Management in Organisations Assignment Help

Unit – Network Management in Organisations assignment help Title – Ethical issues arising from use of ICT technologies Code – MN501 assignment help Assignment Description Students should form a group of five (5) students from the same laboratory class. You must not change the group membership unless approved by your tutor. Tutor will then allocate one of the topics listed in Table 1 to each group.   All students must collaborate in this group assignment and contribute equally. Group leader should report their progress on a weekly basis to relevant tutor. Every student must participate in peer assessment on the Spark- Plus system.  …


COIT20247 Database Design and Development Assignment Help

Code – COIT20247 Subject – Database Design and Development Part A. Database implementation using MS Access (30 Marks) Introduction The sample solution of assignment 1 will be released on the unit website approximately two (2) weeks after the assignment 1 due date. You must use that sample solution of assignment 1 only for the following tasks: Assessment task 1 Normalization a) Map the ERD, from the sample solution, into a set of relations in at least Third Normal Form (3NF). You must ensure that your relations meet 3NF. There is no need to show your working. b) Select any two of your…


ITECH1400 Recycling Machine Assignment

ITECH1400 – Assignment 1 – Recycling Machine Assignment Help  Assignment Overview You are tasked with creating a text-based program for simulating a Recycling Machine using the Python 3 programming language. The assignment is broken up into four main components: Design and model two classes: RecyclableItem and RecyclingMachine, Create an activity chart which describes the behaviour of the Recycling Machine system, Create a computer program that allows a user to enter items that are able to be recycled into a machine. During the process the machine prompts the user for the type of item to be recycled and how many they have…


ENGR8762 Computer Networks and Cybersecurity

Code – ENGR8762 Assignment Help Subject – Computer Networks and Cybersecurity Assignment Help Assessment This assignment contributes 10% of your overall assessment for the topic. The grading for this assignment will be according to the University rating scheme [HD, DN, CR, P, F]. Submission Due Date: Friday 2 November 2018 by 11pm. The assignment should be submitted as a single PDF file to the assignment space FLO. For the following Threat Categories, describe which type of Control should be put in place in an organisation. Classify the controls as Administrative, Product or Physical, as well as whether the controls will Prevent,…


COIT 20246, ICT , 10 Week Assignment Help

Code – COIT 20246 Subject – ICT Service Management There are ten (10) tasks, one for each week:  the tasks are detailed below.  There is a table to complete for each task.  Please fill in the information required. Note:  Each resource summary should be around 200-300 words.   Week 1 The text discusses how Central Processing Units (CPUs) function but is silent on another processing component of modern computers, the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). Find and summarise ONE resource that describes what a GPU is and how it differs from a CPU.  The resource (and your summary) should discuss at least one…


COIT20245 Assignment1, Java assignment Help

Assignment task Lawn Mowing Java Assignment Write a java console application for a lawn-mowing service for N lawns. N should be declared as a constant and it should be equal to the largest digit of your student ID number (e.g. if your ID number is S143261 then N should be equal to 6 and you can declare it as final int N=6). The weekly fee for mowing a lawn is shown below in Table 1. Table 1. Weekly Fee for Lawn Mowing Lawn Area Weekly Fee ($) Lawn under 500 square meter 40 500 square meter or more but under 900…


NIT6130 Introduction to Research Assignment Help

Assignment 3 – Methodology Objective: The purpose of this assignment is to help students getting familiar with the process of identifying an appropriate methodology for their research projects. Students will review, analyse and summarize the existing methodologies reported in the collected literatures. From then, students will be able to work out their own methodology to be used to solve the research problems defined in previous assignment. Tasks: 1. State your research problems and re-organize your collected literatures a. Prepare a statement on your research problem b. Try to structure the problem into a set of smaller sub-problems if possible c. Organize…


COIT20249 Assignment Help

COIT20249 Assessment Details Objectives Please refer to the Unit Profile to see how this assessment item relates to the Unit Learning Outcomes. This assignment is designed to stimulate critical thinking outside of the classroom by requiring students to write a formal academic report as the Supplementary Assessment for those students who met the criteria to be eligible for a Supplementary Assessment in COIT20249. You will need to follow the ARE process described in chapters 2 and 3 of Your Business Degree 2 (prescribed textbook for COIT20249) to analyse the assessment task, research relevant information and evaluate the information you find. This…


MKT570 – Integrated Marketing Communications!

Assessment item A1: What is IMC? – Blog Discussion Task: Write a Post on IMC addressing the following topics: In your own words, define and discuss IMC using your text and at least 4 other academic resources (i.e. academic journals etc.) Briefly discuss how IMC has been utilised well using 2 Australian organisations of your choice. Discuss how IMC plays a significant role in the overall marketing and business strategy Ensure you define IMC using theory and research (to support your opinion) and then discuss its application using the organisation chosen and explaining how it has worked in your own words. Your audience is your…


HRM523 – Advanced Studies in Industrial Relations!

Assessment item 2: Report on the role of unions Task In this assessment, you will be critically analysing the role of the major union that was involved in the NSW train workers’ dispute in early 2018. Prepare a report that addresses the following points. (i)Critically analyse the role played by the Rail, Tram and Bus union. From a tactical perspective, what do you believe they did well and what could they have done better. Justify your perspective, with reference to relevant theory and scholarly research literature on the role of unions and union behaviour. (ii)What are the implications of the union’s role in…

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