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7088CEM Artificial Neural Networks

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  7088CEM Assignment Help Artificial Neural Networks Assignment Help   Assignment Brief 2020/21   Module Title Artificial Neural Network Individual/Group Project (2 people), but individual paper submission. Cohort Jan. Module Code 7088CEM Coursework Title (e.g. CWK1) CW Hand out date: 8.02.2021   Word Limit*: 6 pages A4, up to 4500 Coursework type: Individual report (in academic [...]

Nodejs Assignment Help

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Node.js Assignment Help Basically Nodes.js is a JavaScript runtime environment that execute code outside browser. With NodeJS we can run scripts on server side to produce dynamic pages. Node js have an event-driven architecture that helps it to run asynchronously. It's vey popular these days as large companies like IBM, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Amazon, Netflix uses it. [...]

MGT603 Systems Thinking Assignment Help

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Subcode -- MGT603 Assignment Help Title -- Systems Thinking Assignment Help File Type -- Individual Part A: Proposal Individual  Part B: Critique  Words limit -- Part A: One (1) Original Post (maximum 500 words) Part B: Two (2) Critiques, Each critique max. 250 words References --- APA, at least 3 academic-related, at least 2 other Learning [...]

Case Analysis – McCain frozen pizza Assignment

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  Title- Case Analysis – McCain frozen pizza File type – Group of three  Submitted through – Moodle  References – APA 7th  Duedate – 4th march, 2021  Answers to the following questions: Take the information in the case and classify the information using a SWOT analysis. Identify the company’s strengths and weakness, opportunities and threats that [...]

BSBPMG536 Manage project risk

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Subcode- BSBPMG536 Assignment Help Title- Manage project risk Words limit – task 1 - 400 words, task 2 - 2400 words, task 3 - 700 words Student Declaration 2 Task 1 – Knowledge Questionnaire 5 (What is this assessment task about? What do I need to do to complete this task satisfactorily? Specifications Resources and equipment Re-submission opportunities) Answer all the [...]

BSBSUS511 Develop workplace policies and procedures for sustainability

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Subcode – BSBSUS511 Assignment Help Title – Develop workplace policies and procedures for sustainability Assignment Help Assignment Type -- Task 1, Task 2, Task 3                                                         Task --- 1  Knowledge Questionnaire ----- Australian and international standards, environmental and sustainability legislation, regulations and codes, internal and external sources of information elements required for the development of organisational sustainability [...]

ACFI 4004 Assignment Help

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Subcode – ACFI4004 Assignment Help Title – Brief assessment  Submitted Via - Turnitin in Moodle Due date – 2nd march, 2021  Words limit - 1,000 words Format - Arial font size 12, double spaced, justified alignment        Layout – Title page  Table of content  Requirement 1 – about 300 words (20% marks)   Identify the problems in the [...]

CE807 Text Analytics Assignment Help

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Subcode -- CE807 Title -- Text Analytics Due Dates:---  01 March 2021 (Assignment 01) Assignment 02: 27 April 2021 Format-- Arial font 12, only one page with references and figures, tables, etc. References – Harvard according to the examples given  Assignment -1 (Weightage - 25%)  Which papers or research works have studied the problem of determining [...]

MGT605 Assignment Help

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Subcode— MGT605 Assignment Help Title— Business Capstone Project Help File Type – Individual  Words limit -- 1500 words Submission through – Blackboard                                                  Learning outcomes  Develop a theoretical or practical perspective on management issues through a substantial applied project Demonstrate collaborative leadership and ownership in the preparation of a significant original body of work Use specialist research [...]

Leadership quality management Assignment Help

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  Title— Leadership quality management  Word limit – 500- 700  File Type –  Essay  Referencing – APA                                       Instructions ---  Various definitions of leader and qualities of a leader  Choose definition and quality leader that you most align  Answer questions in the essay format  Definition of quality do you feel is most suiting ? Quality leader who [...]