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Human resource management- function 1:Manpower planning !


MANPOWER PLANNING- AN OVERVIEW: Human resource, no doubt, is one the most important asset of an organization. Its planning forms an important part of the managerial functions of an organization. Manpower planning ensures, putting right kind & right number of people at right place, time and job for which they are effective in order to achieve organizational goals. Proper planning of human resource will leads to adequate supply, proper quality as well as quality and effective utilization of manpower. NEED OF MANPOWER PLANNING: Manpower planning basically deals with assessing the human resource requirement and supplying adequate human resource. It is needed due to following reasons:…


Corporate social responsibility – Assignment help !

CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY : AN INTRODUCTION-  Social Responsibility, particularly in business organisations is one of the most favoured and talked about subjects now a day. The importance of corporate social responsibility program arose from the understanding that a business depends entirely on society either it is for inputs like money, material, labour etc. or for selling their products and services. Being so much dependent on society, business organisation must have some responsibilities toward society. The company’s sense of responsibility toward the well-being of society can be either active i.e. by indulging in business activities that directly benefits them or can be…


Business Cycle in Economics – Assignment help !

# INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS CYCLE : The term “business cycle” is composed of periods of good trade characterized by : rising prices, low unemployment alternating with the periods of bad trade characterized by : falling prices and high unemployment. In other words, Every country witness boom and depression. These changes of boom and depression are generally cyclical in nature. Hence called as business or trade cycles. OR Rhythmic fluctuations in an economy, at intervals in form of boom and depression are called as business cycles. # PHASES OF BUSINESS CYCLE : Business cycle are identifies as having four different phases:- #…


Price & Output determination : Monopolistic Competition

# INTRODUCTION : As we know, under Monopolistic competition MR is not equal to AR as in case of perfect competition. So, if a firm wants to sell more units of output, it will have to lower its price per unit. That is the reason why under monopolistic competition AR and MR curves are sloping downward from left to right. A firm , under monopolistic competition reaches its equilibrium when produces up to that limit where its Marginal cost (MC) is equal to Marginal revenue (MR) and MC cuts MR from below. # EQUILIBRIUM OF FIRM UNDER MONOPOLISTIC COMPETITION : Firm’s equilibrium under monopolistic competition…


Understanding Monopolistic Competition – Assignment help !

# INTRODUCTION TO MONOPOLISTIC COMPETITION : We already know about the two extreme situations of market, namely perfect competition and monopoly.  But in real life, situation is the mid way between these two extremes. This is Monopolistic competition also referred as imperfect competition. Monopolistic competition is a market structure, wherein there are many sellers of a commodity, but the product of each seller is some what different from other sellers. This product differentiation manifest itself in  trade mark brand name quality differentiation OR different facilities offered For example : Firms producing different brands of tooth paste such as Colgate, cibaca, pepsodent, close-up etc are…


Supply ,Demand & Government intervention – Assignment help !

# INTRODUCTION : We have already studied about supply and demand analysis and how the markets tend to move toward their equilibrium prices and quantities. Price of goods will automatically adjust themselves so that quantity demanded must be equal to supply of commodity. But sometimes, in case of certain commodities the govt intervenes and fixes some price limit against the equilibrium prices. Such interventions in commodity market focuses on the following two cases : Price Ceiling Price Floor A price ceiling is the legal maximum price for a good or service, while a price floor is the legal minimum price. Although…


Profit Maximization Assignment help !

Profit maximization is a process by which a firm determines the price and output of a product that yield the greatest profit. A producer’s equilibrium is a situation in which he maximizes his profits and minimizes his loss. There are two methods for determination of Producer’s Equilibrium: Total Revenue and Total Cost Approach (TR-TC Approach) Marginal Revenue and Marginal Cost Approach (MR-MC Approach)   # CONCEPT OF COST : In order to produce goods, a firm uses various inputs such as raw material, land, labour, capital etc. The expenditure incurred on these inputs is known as cost of production. Any cost incurred in…


Supply & Demand Analysis !

INTRODUCTION : Economics is all about human behavior, concerned with allocation of scare means in such a way that consumers can maximize their satisfaction, producers can maximize their profits and society can maximize its social welfare. It is broadly classified into two parts : Micro economics Macroeconomics Microeconomics studies economic relationships or problems at an individual level whereas Macroeconomics studies economic relationships and and problem at level of economy as a whole. Despite being different branches of economics, both are interrelated to each other. SUPPLY AND DEMAND ANALYSIS : In microeconomics, supply and demand are the important determinants of market. In…

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