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    You must submit your Word Document by 4pm on Friday 16th December 2022 on Moodle.
    This assignment is an individual assignment where you will reflect on your decisions, actions, thoughts and professional development, throughout your group work within this module.
    You must submit a reflective report of 1,500 words on the development of your professional skills throughout the LSBU Discovery Project module.

    To complete this coursework, you must:
    1. Write a short introduction that explains the importance of professional development and outlining the main aims of the report.
    2. State the importance of being able to identify and solve problems in business and explain how you developed your problem-solving skills in this module. Evaluate the use of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and a social enterprise model to support new solutions to solve social problems. You must provide evidence of any frameworks or processes that you used, in your Appendix.
    3. Explain and evaluate the project management skills you have learned through the module. You must provide evidence of any project management frameworks or processes that you have used in your Appendix.
    4. Explain how coaching skills can be used to support both individual and team success and evaluate your use of these skills through the module to ensure yours and your team’s success.
    5. Write a short conclusion explaining your key learning from this module as identified in your report.

    1. You must use Microsoft Word Reflective Report Breakdown Structure Template included in this Assignment Brief to submit your report.
    2. Your report should have a cover page, that has the title of the module and Coursework 2. You should not put your name or student ID on the cover page.
    3. After the cover page, you should have a table of contents that reflect your numbered headings throughout.
    4. For the main body of your report, using the Reflective Report Breakdown Structure Template, all text (excluding headings) should be black Calibri or Arial font style, size 12 with 1.5 line spacing. Headings should be larger and may be black or blue.
    5. References start on a new page after the report and MUST be done in LSBU Harvard style (full guides are on the LSBU Library pages online).
    6. Your MUST have an Appendix with evidence of your activities throughout the module, where you have developed your professional skills.

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