BBM251 Cross-Cultural Management

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    The scenario

    You are a member of a Project Team in the Australian based company called Max Brenner. Your CEO has asked you to investigate and recommend a country Max Brenner might expand into in the future. The CEO would prefer to enter a country that presently has a low consumption rate of chocolate products. He hopes that with the company’s product the demand in these low consumption rate countries will grow over the next decade. The CEO is aware of how countries have different profiles in regards to:

    1. The value systems;

    2. Macros and Micros of each culture;

    3. Hofstede’s Dimensions;

    4. Cultures based on East versus West sectors;

    5. Cultural shock and what can an international manager do about it;

    In your recommendation, ensure that you include:

    6. Importance of marketing in your project;

    7. Communication mode and culture, its importance;

    8. Barriers to good intercultural communication.

    9. Your plan to get the market to accept your product.


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