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    Learning objective:

    1.Evaluate the importance of brands and branding as a managerial process and the interplay of brands within the wider society.

    2.Apply theories of branding within a business scenario.

    3.Analyse information from a wide range of sources from both the academic and industry.

    Assignment Overview:

    Harriston is a Malaysian homegrown brand established by a family of dedicated chocolate makers who owns Harriston Signature, Harriston Boutique and Harriston Artisan. Harriston chocolates are carefully packed in aesthetically and thoughtfully designed packaging, some of which are inspired by Malaysian cultures and heritage, making our chocolates a feast for the eyes and palate as well as an inspiring treat to the inquisitive mind. Harriston chocolates are made based on time-honoured production methods, using 100% pure cocoa butter and carefully selected ingredients in adherence to ISO 9001, HALAL certification requirements, rigorous quality control and international hygiene standards. To ensure product variety, freshness and stock availability in all our stores, we place great emphasis on stock rotation as well as efficient inventory and merchandise management.

    Assignment Task:

    Currently their business model only focusing tourism market. However, they intended to start their presence in local market too. Therefore, you are required to work in a team of five to develop a branding strategy for Harriston Chocolate.

    Areas to discuss

    Developing a Branding Strategy for Harriston Chocolate:

    1.Overview of Harriston Chocolate

    2.USP of the brand

    2.Competitor’s analysis

    1.Competitors analysis
    2.What are their branding & marketing strategies

    3.What is the branding positioning Harriston Chocolate should adopt to build a stronger brand (with lesser capital outlay and achieving maximum results)

    1. SWOT analysis
    2. Brand elements – options & tactics
    3. Branding Platform

    4.What are the marketing campaigns to achieve the proposed brand positioning?

    1.Product strategy

    5.A short brief of the proposed campaign



    1.Campaign Timeline
    1.Pricing strategy
    2.A short brief of the proposed campaign


    1.Campaign timeline
    1.Channel strategy
    2.A short brief of the proposed campaign

    1.Campaign timeline

    BBMK 3014- Brand Management Group Assignment help

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