BE167-7-AU Accounting and Finance for Managers

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    Accounting and Finance for Managers Assignment help

    Submission Guidelines:

    This work should be presented as a report type – i.e. guiding the reader effortlessly through the arguments you present (e.g. introduction, development, final considerations – all that making use of subheadings, again, to guide the reader (shareholders, in this case). The purpose of the guideline offered below is to help you to organise your report (rather than to limit your creativity); and also, to provide you with a marking scheme. That is to say, you do not need to actually indicate the letters (a,b,c,…) when presenting the report. Consider that you are providing information to the shareholders to make financial decisions.

    ▪ Read updated literature on concepts, methods and tools for “Analysis and interpretation of financial statements”.
    ▪ You are expected to choose one company from the ones below in analysing financial statements:

    1. Clarkson PLC
    2. Marshalls PLC
    3. Spirent Communications PLC
    4. Morgan Sindall Group PLC
    5. Hammerson PLC

    ▪ Annual reports are available under the heading of ‘Investor Relations’.
    ▪ The financial information you need should refer to, at least, THREE (03) consecutive years of the company’s operation; to allow you to compare/analyse/comment on the business financial trend.
    ▪ An online copy of the most recent company’s financial statements (not a web link), which served the basis for the requirements below, should be submitted as part of this coursework.
    ▪ Clearly show the ratio calculations and any assumptions made during the analysis.
    ▪ Word limits and assignment length: 2,500 words (excluding list of references, tables/pictures and appendices). However, 10% above or below this word limit is accepted (E.g., Acceptable range: from 2250 to 2750 words).
    ▪ A ‘0’ (ZERO) mark will be awarded if you do not select a case organisation from the above list.
    ▪ The report must be typed with 12pt Arial or Times New Roman font, 1.5 spaced.
    ▪ University rules on plagiarism apply (please refer to postgraduate information on Moodle for further details). All materials used to prepare this coursework need to be accordingly referenced.

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