Big Idea Promoting Long-term Growth (Group)

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    Big Idea Promoting Long-term Growth Assignment help

    Report Structure:
    Report Structure is entirely up to how you wish to present it.
    Inclusion of Video and Animation into your report will be desirable.
    Minutes of the meeting and Discussion thread evidenced in VU Collaborate.
    High professional output will be expected.

    Proofreading your work is imperative given it is groupwork. References used will be in VU Harvard Style.
    Roadmap Structure
    (this is only a guidance, the group can exercise their own creativity to design a roadmap that showcases their Long Term Growth of their Leadership Idea)

    Lay out your challenges – Ask yourself: Why does the strategic vision or goals exist?
    Set your objectives – Ask yourself: What must you achieve to address these challenges?
    Assess your capabilities – Ask yourself: What capabilities do you need to invest in to meet theobjectives?
    Determine your courses of action – Ask yourself: What do I have to do to bridge the most importantcapability gaps?
    Formulate your initiatives – Ask yourself: How can the courses of action be logically grouped forexecution?
    Generate your roadmap – Ask yourself: What order should the initiatives be delivered in?
    Organizational Leadership Issues You May Consider
    (Some questions to tickle your thoughts)
    Can you easily identify the organization as a leader (How:
    V & V;
    Theories ie people in organizationdemonstrate organizational behaviourial traits or organization has shown performance success,Measurement/Evaluation ie Benchmark?)
    Have they been showing progressive innovations?
    What are the emotional and ethical indices of the organization?
    Do they address social agendas and how well they lead in that space?
    How well do they perform in the marketplace?

    What do their stakeholders say?
    Is there a way you can assess the work-life of the organization and employees’ satisfaction andmotivation?
    Is the organization dominating or leading? What is the difference?
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