BIZ102: Reflective Journal 1

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    Reflection helps in knowing the strengths and weaknesses of an individual. Self-analysis, self-evaluation, etc. are the ways in which an individual can evaluate his or her skills and knowledge. There are other tools, and techniques like online quiz, test and many more are available quickly to the user for providing them proper results and assisting them in collecting more information about themselves (Martin-Raugh, Kell & Motowidlo, 2016). I want to know my emotional intelligence for developing my personality and other skills like communication, interpersonal, etc. In context to this, I have given an emotional intelligence test for knowing my skills in the respected area. While giving the test, I answered the asked questions by selecting the most appropriate option according to me. The quiz represents that my emotions have a substantial influence on my behaviour. Along with this, my goals and values motivate me to move further in achieving specific objectives effectively.
    On the other hand, under pressure, I generally changed my behaviour from normal and became irritating and stressful. This factor sometimes impacts negatively on my performance and working capabilities. Apart from this, I take myself seriously and present myself with some confidence and cautiousness. This helps me in developing a right image in front of others. From the test, I come to aware of my skills and capabilities. The score I gained in the test is Self-awareness = 5, Self management=5, Social Awareness== 7 and relationship management=6. According to me, the scores I obtained from the analysis are right and represent my actual image and skills. The numbers I scored are given out of 10 for each quadrant. All the quadrant represents my level of capability which can help me in growing and developing myself further for career growth.
    According to the scores, I need to improve my self-awareness and self-management factor as I gain minimum marks in it. Concerning this, I need to know myself more accurately for using my skills at the right place and the right time. Along with this, I am also weak in self-management which sometimes affects my work and performance. In context to this, I need to use active management tactics. I have to use a checklist, to-do-list, time management tools, etc. for organizing and managing my work at both personal and professional level. On the other hand, I have gained highest score in social awareness which shows that I am quite a social person and like to work in a group for benefits of both. I can use my skill of social-awareness in teamwork for accomplishing the organizational objectives with cooperation and coordination. Apart from this, I am also good at relationship management. I like to develop new relations and maintain them not particularly for work basis but also for fun and enjoyment. I keep myself in touch with my colleagues, managers and other people for maintaining a good and healthy relationship with them.
    The results will help me in improving my professional practices and skills efficiently. I can use my relationship management and social awareness skills in developing good relations with the co-workers and seniors. My friendly, open and interactive nature will help in reducing the stress of work and enhancing the positivity at the workplace. On the other hand, by conducting SWOT analysis and self-evaluation, I will able to increase my self-awareness for improving the performance and other required skills.Thus, the quiz of emotional intelligence has helped me a lot in knowing myself and my skills. The obtained results are more than average; however, I need to work on some areas for enhancing my professional skills. I will able to develop myself as per the requirement of time and company with the help of this tool correctly.
    Martin-Raugh, M. P., Kell, H. J., & Motowidlo, S. J. (2016). Prosocial knowledge mediates effects of agreeableness and emotional intelligence on prosocial behavior. Personality and Individual Differences90, 41-49.

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