BMIT 5103 Information Technology for Managers May 2019-OUM

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    Select a well known organisation which had experienced a security attack on its information system in recent year. You are required to analyze and discuss the root cause/s of this problem and study the impact of this problem on the selected organisation. Finally, you are required to propose a well justified in-depth information security solution to enhance the organizations information system security.


    •Provide a description of the selected organisation (5%)

    •Literature review on information system security (20%)

    •Describe a security attack on the selected organisation. You are expected to identify the attack and to investigate, analyse and discuss all contributing causes to the problem (or how did the problem occur) and also discuss the impact of the problem on the organisation. (35%)

    •Propose THREE (3) suitable information system solutions that can be implemented to overcome the mentioned problem and also to enhance the organisation’s overall information system’s security. Your proposed answers may include hardware, software, policies or procedure or any other appropriate measures. (35%)

    •Conclusion (3%)
    •References (2%)

    [TOTAL MARKS: 60]

    BMIT5103- Information Technology for Managers-May 2019(OUM)

    In this particular assessment task, the learner is required to select a famous company which has already experienced a security attack on the information within a few of the recent years. The student is to analyze and also carries out a discussion on the root cause of the issue and study its effect on the organization. In the final step, you are required to propose a justified and also well depth IT security solution for enhancing the information system security of the company.

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