BS8101 Business Research Project Proposal

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    Business Project A – BUS8101

    Assignment – 1 (PART A)

    Semester 1 – 2019

    Length 2000 words (+/-10%) (excluding list of references, figures and tables)


    This assignment is to be completed and submitted as a group of minimum of 3 (three) students or a maximum of 4 (four) students. Your task is to write a business research proposal (Part A). Identify the business research project topic and the scope of the research. Critically evaluate a problem or opportunity with the New Zealand business or organisation that you have confirmed with your host organisation and design a research proposal. The business research topic should be related to the scope of current interest in marketing management, an operational or strategic business or particular organisation problem or opportunity.

    You are advised to choose a host organisation carefully since you will be completing your BUS8102 project based on the host organisation of your choice.

    The research proposal will be subject to negotiation between you and your assigned research supervisor, in consultation with the tutor. Your tutor will guide and assist with the process, but the responsibility rests with you.

    Assignment structure:

    1. Title of the proposal

    2. Introduction

    3. The scope of the project

    4. Purpose of the study

    5. The preliminary review of the literature

    6. Problem statement and research questions

    7. Originality

    8. Quality of Communication and presentation

    9. References

    10. Appendices 

    Referencing The Harvard AGPS Style of referencing must be used.


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