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    WOOLWORTHS SUPERMARKET (Simulated Workplace)

    History and Origins (sourced)

    Woolworths Supermarkets (is known as “Woolies”) is an Australian supermarket/grocery store chain owned by Woolworths Group. Founded in 1924, Woolworths along with Coles forms a near-duopoly of Australian supermarkets accounting for about 80% of the Australian market. Woolworths mostly specialises in selling groceries (vegetables, fruit, meat, packaged foods, etc.), but also sells magazines, DVDs, health & beauty products, household products, pet and baby supplies and stationery items. Woolworths currently operates about 1000 stores across Australia: 976 Supermarkets and an additional 19 “Metro” convenience stores carrying the same logo. Woolworths also operates Woolworths Online (at, originally known as “HomeShop”, as a “click and collect” and home shopping delivery service. For more information on the organisation and the operations, please visit the organisation’s website at

    Woolworths Group, formerly called Woolworths Limited, was founded in September 1924, originally under the name “Woolworths Bazaar Ltd.”, a play on the internationally renowned F. W. Woolworth name. After discovering the name had not been registered in Australia, and Woolworths had no plans for overseas expansion, the company became “Woolworths Limited” on 22 September 1924. Following the company’s first “Bargain Basement” opening in the Imperial Arcade, on Sydney’s Pitt Street, there was little interest in shareholders to accelerate the brand’s growth. However, as trading continued and shareholders brought more capital, the dividends paid by the company increased from 5% to 50% after its third year of operation.

    Consumer interest in the company grew after December 1924, as more branches of the store were established across Australia. Woolworths stores began selling a variety of goods, claiming the cheapest prices as well as money back guarantees. At the forefront of innovation in Australia, Woolworths stores became the first variety store in the world to install receipt printing cash register machines in 1926. Nearly twenty years after the company’s establishment, Woolworths had a store in every state in Australia, following the opening of their Hobart store in 1940. With the company and its stores doing successfully, Woolworths began to experiment with expanding their grocery range; more stores began stocking fresh fruits and vegetables and a larger range of food. As the organisation began to gradually transition to becoming exclusively a grocery store, this saw the creation of the first “Big W” store in 1955, the brand’s department store counterpart. 

    Organisational Mission, Vision and Strategies (sourced)

    The organisational mission is to have Customers put themselves 1st across all their brands. To achieve this they have six priorities:

    • Customer 1st Team 1st Culture
    • Connected, Personalised and Convenient Shopping Experiences
    • Differentiate our Food Customer Propositions
    • Accelerate Innovation in our Drinks Business
    • Unlock Value in our Portfolio
    • E2E Processes – ‘Better for Customers’ and ‘Simpler for Stores’
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