BSBMGT608 Manage innovation and continuous improvement

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    Code: BSBMGT608

    Subject: Manage innovation and continuous improvement 

    Assessment task 1

    Question 1

    a) Explain in a paragraph what is the relationship between continuous improvement, innovation and organizational learning

    b) Map the process for baking a cake, identify where you think improvements can be made in the process. For example, can time be saved or steps eliminated? (150 words)

    Question 2

    Choose a product or service in your organization and map its supply chain. If you are not currently working, map the supply chain for the production of a chocolate bar. You may create a flow chart or describe the elements.

    Question 3

    a) Identify the type of measure for the following objective: To increase market share for photocopy paper from 20% to 30% by March 2016(100 words)

    b) Consider a problem you have experienced in your everyday life, such as getting to work or school on time. Identify an analysis tool to identify the cause of the problem, and apply the tool to analyse the problem and identify a solution. Describe the tool you used, how you used it and the solution to the problem. (200 – 250 word)

    Question 4

    You are currently studying to develop your skills and knowledge in management. Identify your objective in undertaking the study. Conduct a SWOT analysis to identify your strengths and weaknesses, the opportunities that may become available, and the threats that may prevent you from meeting your objectives on completion of your study. (250 words)

    Question 5

    Develop an outline of a presentation to brief staff on the organisation’s performance improvement strategies, and to explain the relationship between innovation and competitive advantage. (200 words)

    Question 6

    Consider the characteristics of learning organizations and the strategies that promote organizational learning. Access your organization or one with which you have previously worked. Is your organization a learning organization? Why or why not? (200 – 250 word)

    Question 7

    a) To obtain assistance in quantifying benefits, who might you contact in your organization? (150 words)

    b) Conduct some research into free trials of consumer products. Consider how software and beauty product companies offer free trials to the consumer. For your organization, or one you are familiar with, why might you offer a free trial of a new product? (200 -300 word)

    c) Innovative organizations are characteristics by a high tolerance of risk and acceptance of failure. To increase your organisation’s tolerance of risk and acceptance of failure, what suggestions could you make to your manager? ( 250 words)

    Question 8 If you were developing a new product for your organization (or an organization you have previously worked for or are familiar with), what documentation would you be required to submit to obtain approval to proceed with the project? (150 words)

    Question 9 Find several examples of change communication plans. Review the plans and consider the methods used to encourage stakeholder participation. Find an example of an improvement process that your organization, or one with which you are familiar, is planning to institute.

    a) What are some of the more common methods used to communicate and promote the benefits of change and continuous improvements? (200 words)

    b) Explain in a paragraph what are the tools and techniques you would use to identify the effect of the change.

    c) How will you ensure that the change meets sustainability requirements? Give examples of legislation, initiatives, programs, policies and work practices you should consider.(250 – 300 word)

    Question 10

    Consider the scenario and complete the task that follows. One of your team members seems unable to complete her work on time, preventing your team from meeting weekly organizational reporting requirements. Use the GROW model to list the questions you will ask to help your team member improve her performance.

    Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 12.57.29 PM

    Question 11

    a) What strategies enable you to review your own work performance?

    b) What workplace activities or learning options would enable you to improve your performance?

    c) If your employee was to pay or is paying for your program, how would you: • Determine the benefits of your study • Effectively communicate the results to the appropriate people in your organization? d) What do you think, triggers are a critical element of a contingency plan?

    Question 12

    In the practice task, you required to conduct research into how organizations regularly evaluate their continuous improvement system and process. Use your organization and another one that you are familiar with. For the two organizations, identify the methods, tools and techniques that are used to evaluate the system and process. (250 word)

    Question 13

    Consider your current organizational setting, a setting you have worked in, or one that you are familiar with. Alternatively, you could select an organization recently featured in the media that has made significant improvements to processes or implemented new products and services.

    Consider organizations that require innovation and continuous improvement to respond to environmental pressures to achieve competitive advantages, such as those that produce consumer information technology products or retail solely via e-commerce. Research how the organization implements or has implemented innovations and improvements.

    a) Outline the organization’s environmental sustainability practices, identifying the key programs or initiatives. ( 100 – 150 Word)

    b) What communication strategies or organizational development interventions have been implemented to ensure the successful transition and minimize organizational member resistance to change? (200 words)

    c) Explain in a paragraph, how the organization communicated the costs and benefits of the initiative to stakeholders (internal and external). Did the communication match up the purpose and audience?


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