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    Assessment Description (What?)

    This assessment task is project work for you to manage physical and human resources within a portfolio including capacity planning, capacity assessment, assignment, and coordination of human resources for a portfolio.

    Using the simulated workplace and the scenario in the appendix, provide solutions to manage human resources within a portfolio. This case study assessment consists of two parts as part A, part B and part C. Part A is about planning and executing communication and stakeholder management. Part B is about planning and executing and managing resources. Part C is about interacting with stakeholders in role-plays. Relevant policies and procedures of policies and procedure manual of simulated workplace must be used to undertake the following task.

    Purpose of the Assessment (Why?)

    To gather evidence of your ability to apply skills and knowledge consistently to manage human resources within a portfolio.

    Assessment Date/s and Timing/s (When?)

    1. This assessment will be conducted according to the training delivery session plan.
    2. Assessor will specify the timings for assessment and evidence submission date/s and timing/s.

    Assessment Context (Where and in what condition)  

    1. Assessment is conducted in the training room in a simulated and safe environment where you must perform consistently applying skills and knowledge.
    2. You must also provide written solutions to the activities in a word-processed document with evidence that demonstrates consistent skills and knowledge application in various conditions specified in the assessment task.
    3. Assessed in a simulated off-the-job situation that reflects the real workplace.

    Required Resources (What resources, equipment, tools, and materials)

    1. Assessment task with instruction and assessment information
    2. Learner workbook and other training handouts.
    3. Access to simulated workplace business equipment and resources.
    4. Access to simulated workplace policies and procedures.
    5. Computer with Internet access word-process software (MS Word).
    6. Workspace, table/s, chair/s and stationery as required.
    7. Case study and/or real workplace scenario
    8. Access to relevant legislation, regulations, standards, and code of practice
    9. Specified timing for assessment.

    Specifications (What structure, format, and demonstration)

    1. Provide written solutions to all the case study activities and questions using word-processed documents. You may use this MS Word document for your answering. Provide specified length and numbers mentioned in each written activity.
    2. For role-play activities, play the role as specified by your assessor demonstrating foundation skills and knowledge application while being observed by your assessor.
    3. Submit the written activities with a cover page that includes your name, student ID, unit name unit code, date of submission and assessor name. Include header (unit name/code) and footer (page number, student name and student ID number).

    Assessment Instructions (How?)

    1. Review the skills application section/s of the learner workbook.
    2. Read the task performance requirements and foundation skills application for each task activity.
    3. Conduct research and review literature relevant to the unit.
    4. Provide solutions to each written and performance activity using skills and knowledge and demonstrating your foundation skills.
    5. Note: Use word-process documents for written activities to provide written evidence as specified in the task. You may use MS Word documents for your written evidence.
    6. This task requires you to play roles. As specified and agreed by your assessor, role-play the relevant activities demonstrating relevant skills.
    7. The assessment is due on the date specified by your assessor.
    8. Any variations to this arrangement must be approved in writing by your assessor.
    9. Submit your work with any required evidence attached.
    10. See the specifications above for details of submission requirements.


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