BUS 510 Organisational Learning and Change Assignment Help

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    Code: BUS 510

    Subject: Organisational Learning and Change

    Assessment 2 – Individual essay

    Learning outcomes – (a), (c), (d), (e) and (f)

    1. Critically analyse and critique the major theories of organisational learning.
    2. Critically review and evaluate the reasons for different approaches to change, and demonstrate an ability to apply this understanding to volatile or novel organisational contexts.
    3. Critically analyse and critique common perspectives on the role of, and the relationship between, individuals, teams and leaders in the change processes.
    4. Integrate biblical frameworks into a contemporary understanding of organisational learning and change.
    5. Integrate the concepts of organisational learning, strategic and innovative change management with leadership theory and practice

    Assessment Task:

    The purpose of this assessment is to improve the analysis of organisational learning concepts within the organisations and the ability to design of relevant solutions.

    Students will be expected to write an essay in response to the question below.


    Discuss any five (5) key barriers to organisational learning in organisations in your home country. Explain in detail, any four (4) strategies that can be implemented to improve organisational learning.

    Support your discussion on the barriers with examples drawn from your home country.


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