BUS020N503 Project Management

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    BUS020N503 Project Management is a course that covers the principles, tools, and techniques used to plan, organize, and manage projects. The course typically covers the following topics:

    1. Project initiation: This covers the process of identifying project stakeholders, defining project objectives, and creating a project charter.
    2. Project planning: This covers the process of defining project scope, creating a work breakdown structure, estimating project costs, and developing a project schedule.
    3. Project execution: This covers the process of implementing the project plan, monitoring project progress, and making adjustments as necessary to ensure that the project is on track.
    4. Project control: This covers the process of monitoring project risks, managing project changes, and controlling project costs.
    5. Project closure: This covers the process of closing out the project, including verifying that project deliverables have been completed, obtaining stakeholder acceptance, and archiving project documents.

    Overall, the course is designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge needed to manage projects effectively, from project initiation to project closure. Students will learn how to plan, organize, and manage project resources, monitor project progress, manage project risks and changes, and close out projects successfully. The course may also cover project management software tools and techniques.

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