BUS105 Introduction to Marketing

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    Subject Code – BUS105

    Subject Name – Introduction to Marketing

    This is an introductory course which comprises of the three areas of the Economics subject –Microeconomics, Macroeconomics as well as the International economics. It which actually serves as a foundation for further studies in the field of Economics, social sciences or the business management. It is difficult to develop a thorough understanding of this subject without clearing the fundamentals. With the Governments spending a huge amount of resources as well as money in conducting the research in this subject, a strong surge has been witnessed among the students worldwide to make a career in the field.
    Course Content List for BUS105 Introduction to Marketing

    • The introductory part which includes the economic growth and the development
    • Complete understanding of the behavior of the buyers as well as the sellers in the market.
    • Recognizing and analyzing some of the common economic issues which are related to the individual market and also the aggregate economy.
    • Outlining the implications of economic policies on the people and also on the economy
    • Understanding the reasons for the market failure and intervention of Government in this regard
    • Demonstrating competency in utilizing the graphs and the diagrams for explaining the economic principles and its applications.
    • Applying and utilizing the economics models for analyzing the common issues

    Assessment tasks involved:

    • Online Tests-It will be an individual assessment and the test comprises of the objective questions which will be available online.
    • Analysis of media articles– It will allow the students to apply their understanding of the economic theories and principles to the media reports. It will facilitate a better understanding of the students about the real world economic events.

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