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Entrepreneurship Assignment help

The purpose of this assessment task is to have students bring together understanding of some of the early
concepts of entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial process covered in topics 1-4 (content) and to
undertake some entrepreneurial data collection (evidence) practice, and frame and clearly articulate an
argument (write an essay). This assessment task aligns with learning outcomes 1,2, 3, 4 & 5 – namely compare
and contrast entrepreneurial theory; investigate entrepreneurial behaviours; identify elements of an
entrepreneurial business plan; analyse real-life examples; investigate report entrepreneurial information and
recent business developments.

This is an individual assessment. Students are required to write an essay (argument) in response to the essay
question which follows below.

Marks Possible: 15%.

Word Length: 1200 words maximum, excluding references.

Due Date: End Week 3 (Sunday)

Submission Method: Written word document submitted Via Moodle / Turnitin.

Essay Topic/ Task Details:
During the first two weeks of this course, during the seminars, students will be asked to research and identify
someone whom they believe may be considered to be an “entrepreneur.” This must be a business leader
familiar to all and/or has readily available public information (internet / on- line etc – not Wikipedia).
The essay question is: Why my chosen businessperson should be regarded as an “entrepreneur.”
In making this argument, students should identify and describe the specific entrepreneurial characteristics
behaviours and activities against the theories and concepts in this course using evidence gathered during
research, and referenced accordingly.

The essay should be written in English and structured as a logical reasoned argument, and sub arguments,
from which the conclusion necessarily follows. A Moodle forum will be available for students to submit their
essay plan ONLY prior to writing and final submission of the essay (this is not a pre-grading service).
Essay writing will be discussed during the seminar, and essay writing guidelines are also provided in the
Moodle “Resources” folder. APA 7th in text referencing is mandatory along with a reference list. The number
of references will depend upon the level of research and strength of argument/s. All data sources must be
referenced correctly – not just theories.

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