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    Code: BUSM4303

    Subject: Corporate Intelligence

    Learning Outcomes Assessed

    1. Analyse ethical and legal constraints on the collection and disclosure of corporate information

    2. Evaluate the range of competitive corporate intelligence tools

    3. Critically appraise the techniques of asset protection from internal and external threats

    4. Develop a plan for a competitive analysis process within an organisation

    Assignment 1


    Part 1: Presentation

    Part 2: Report

    This assignment requires you to produce a portfolio which consists of two parts. You must complete part 1 and part 2.

    Part 1: 15-minute individual presentation (worth 25% of the assessment grade and equivalent to 1000 words)

    Select an industry sector with which you are familiar (i.e. banking, retail, media, healthcare, technology). Analyse the macro and micro-environmental threats and opportunities impacting upon the sector from a corporate intelligence perspective. To what extent are the organisations in your chosen sector positioned to exploit any opportunities and combat any threats identified in your research (you may choose to focus on the organisation you have chosen in part 2 -written report). This should be thoroughly supported with cited literature.

    You are to present your findings to the class in the form of a presentation. You may be asked questions after you have presented. Presentations will take place week commencing 16th December, during normal class time. You will then need to put a copy of the slides into your final portfolio submission.

    Part 2: Individual Written Report (worth 75% of the assignment grade = 3000 words)

    In the same sector that you have chosen in part 1 (presentation), select an organisation with which you are familiar. Critically analyse its corporate intelligence strategies, resources and capabilities and assess their suitability for the external environment within which the firm operates, including the legal and ethical constraints. Provide recommendations for how the organisation might improve its corporate intelligence strategy going forward. This will need to be thoroughly supported with relevant literature.


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