BUSM4306 Strategy and Sustainability in the Global Economy

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    Code: BUSM4306

    Subject: Strategy and Sustainability in the Global Economy

    Assessment 2 Individual Report
    Word Limit or equivalent (e.g. time) 3000
    Weighting 75%


    For an organisation of your choice that originates from a developing or an emerging market, you should conduct a strategic analysis and write a 3000-word report to be presented to the management board covering:

    – Identification of the major opportunities and threats facing the company in its home country by utilising macro and micro-environmental analytical tools. (Please note that we do not want to see the workings/process/audit of the analyses but your findings regarding the critical factors/issues that the organisation need to take into account when thinking strategically).
    – Evaluation of the organisation’s threshold and distinctive resources by utilizing the VIRO analytical tool.
    – Recommendations regarding future international expansion. If the organisation is local, should it consider foreign expansion and why? If the company is already operating overseas, should it continue with further expansion and why?

    On the title page list the following: (Excluded from word count)

    Module name and code
    Student number
    Submission date
    Assignment Number/Title
    Grading Matrix (Excluded from word count)
    Executive Summary (Excluded from word count)
    Table of Contents (Excluded from word count)
    Body (Please use headings as appropriate)
    References (Excluded from word count)

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