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    Assessment type: On-Campus Activity – A Cumulative Multiple-Choice Question (MCQ) Quiz

    Purpose: The purpose of this activity is to evaluate your ability to:
    • Apply autonomous thinking to reflect on good practices in workplace communication in different organizational contexts.
    Format: The on-campus consists of forty-five (45) multiple-choice questions based upon the content presented in weeks 1-10 (One through Ten). There is only one correct response to each multiple-choice question.
    Example: Communication within business contexts is cultural because

    A. receivers decode information in unusual ways thereby making specific culturally based interpretations about the meaning of the message.

    B. each person working within the organisation is unique.

    C. people speak different languages.

    D. all organisations reflect values, beliefs, attitudes, symbols, rules and norms about communication and communicating.

    E. all organisations must communicate with other internationally based organisations.
    Weighting: This assessment total weighting is 45% of your overall grade. Each multiple-choice question has one right answer and is worth one point each.

    Due date: Assessment Two will be administered in Week 12 during your allocated workshop. You must take this Assessment in person ON CAMPUS during your workshop. Failure to undertake the assessment in person during your workshop will result in a failing grade for this assessment. If you are undertaking this assessment Offshore or Distance, online invigilation protocol strictly applies (this will be discussed during your workshop). Failure to adhere to the online invigilation protocol will result in a failing grade for this assessment.

    This assessment is administered on-line. After 90 minutes, your responses will be automatically submitted. This means that if your workshop runs from 12.00 PM-2.00 PM and you start the assessment at 1.00 PM, you only have one hour to complete the assessment because the link closes at 2.00 PM. Please read details in Moodle assessment tile.

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