case study investigation on an entrepreneurialventure

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    Case study investigation on an entrepreneurialventure Assignment help

    The purpose of this assessment task is to:

    Critically reflect on the challenges of ventures dealing with complex and challenging issues related tocontributing to sustainability;

    Analyse, reflect on, discuss and suggest solutions to ethical issues and dilemmas within the context ofan entrepreneurial venture.

    The unit learning outcomes assessed are:
    LO#2: Critically interrogate and evaluate the literature on entrepreneurship and applythat understanding to interpret the steps in the successful trajectory of entrepreneurialventures;
    LO#3: Integrate and deconstruct knowledge and learnings from a range of contexts and disciplines toconceptually map, apply and make recommendations for the management of innovation andentrepreneurship for a given organisational context;

    Assessment Structure
    This assessment task is based on activities and content and the learning from Weeks 2 and 3,particularly Sessions 3 and 5 on sustainable and social entrepreneurship, and trends and opportunityidentification
    The assessment task incorporates a case study of a new entrepreneurial venture dealing with a visionof contributing to ecological sustainability and practices which raise ethical dilemmas.

    Instructions with sub-instructions
    To get started on your assessment task, please follow the below instructions.
    Read the case study and identify its key issues including the one related to ethical dilemmawhich will be made available to you via VU Collaborate In Session 4.
    Respond to the accompanying questions
    Support your answers by relevant literature related to entrepreneurial ventures dealing withsustainability issues and facing ethical decision-making choices
    Develop options and response related to the ethical dilemma faced by the entrepreneur in thecase study
    Write your Assessment report and submit it in the allocated dropbox on VU Collaborate
    Use the following file naming conventions for your submission: Family name, first name,Assessment 2. 

    Assessment Criteria
    The following levels of criteria will be used to grade this assessment task:
    Criterion 1: Identification and analysis of key issues in the case study (15%)
    Criterion 2: Response to the case study questions (35%)
    Criterion 3: Critical reflection and discussion of proposed options and responses to ethical dilemmassupported by academic literature (35%)
    Criterion 4: Writing conventions (structure, style and clarity) and referencing (Harvard) (15%)

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