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MN405, Data and Information Management, Managing Data in Databases

Assignment Description 1) Below is the entity-relationship diagram for the banking database application, there are four relations/tables in their database describing banking application details, details of  projects, work assigned for each branch and account,  namely,  BRANCH, ACCOUNT, CUSTOMER and TRANSACTION.  The relationship diagram for these relations are given below.(20 Marks) 1. Write one paragraph describing the E-R diagram above in your own language 2. Implement above database on MS Access. You are required to create the above 4 tables with the given attributes. Name the database as ‘OrientalBank’. 3. Enter at least 10 data records for each table in the database…


Database Normalization


Database Normalization Database is a collection of data that is organized in an easily way to accessed, managed and update. It is basically a place where the information is stored and operations are performed to store and retrieve the data. Database normalization is a technique that is used to reduce or avoids the redundancy and dependency of data. In normalization big tables are split in small tables and built the relationship between them. It is needed to avoid update and delete anomalies. The main objective of normalization is to create relations where every dependency is on the key. Data integrity: data…