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Assessment 1- Individual Website Project Assignment Help

Overview For this assessment task you are required to develop a website using the latest standards in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.  The website should be designed and developed for a business (real or simulation). For example: local small business, company own by your family, friends. Previous year students’ project website can be found on the Learning Hub. Aim / Purpose: Students will develop skills in: Design and create a website using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript without the automated generation of code. Communicate with end users to determine document structure; design features and styles; workplace instructions and other technical documents. Validate the…


Assignment 1: Design and Development of a Website

Introduction You need to assume responsibility to build an Online Gift Shop. The website will present information about gifts available in your online gift store. The website should include the following webpages: 1. Home page a. The page should list the latest news and promotions about your gifts. b. The items (gifts) in the page should be displayed using a definition /description list. 2. Gift description page a. Include at least six categories of the gifts with detailed description using text and relevant image(s). b. The gifts should be displayed in a table. c. The description of the gifts using description…


COIT 20268 – Responsive Web Design (RWD)

Main Task Select and undertake an in-depth evaluation of the following website: Website:  (Queensland University of Technology(QUT)) Upon the completion of the task, you are to provide a formal report documenting your critical evaluation of the website. The review is to be carried within the context of responsive web design (RWD) and development principles. The report should draw particular attention to the interactive aspects and design aspects relating to responsiveness of the overall website. Support your critique with appropriate RWD principles. What to Review The purpose of the report is to provide a critical evaluation of the nominated website and to support your observations and comments…


ITSU 3009 Project 2 (Part II – Development of a Website)

CONTENTS 1. WordPress, HTML, CSS and Java Scripting Website for Invio Invio was founded in 2015 by the John Smith and Peter Guild. With extensive experience and expertise in the computer industry. The Invio is a company provides IT consultancy and involved in doing networking or software projects for their clients. You are the group of software / networking expert group works for Invio. The owners were convinced that there was a need for online store that would not only provide the latest information about them, but most importantly gives a level of unparalleled customer service for their clients. A commitment…


ITAP2013 Software Engineering Assignment

Where? Near Restaurants The “Dinning Closely” is a GPS (Global Positioning System) based mobile and web application which helps people to find the closest restaurants based on the user’s current position and other specification like price, restaurant type, dish and more. The main advantage of the system is the customers can check the availability within the restaurant and book tables for number they want. Further, they can order their dishes before they arrive and give approximate time of arrival. Not only that they can pay for the orders before they are physically present in the restaurant. The application should be free…


NIT1204 Web Application and Server Management Assignment

Assignment 1 READ THE FOLLOWING GUIDELINES CAREFULLY AND UNDERSTAND ALL REQUIREMENTS BEFORE STARTING THIS ASSIGNMENT Assessment Overview You are to develop from the beginning a web site about yourself. This web site provides certain required details about you. You will design and develop your web site with NetBeans using PHP, HTML and Cascading Style Sheets. This assignment is worth 25% of the total marks for the unit. Students complete the assignment individually. Description The purpose of this assignment is for you to build a Web site that will contain some details about yourself, e.g., languages spoken, number of mobile phones owned,…

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