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HRMT20025 – Assessment Task 1 Essay

HRMT20025 Assessment Task 1 – Essay Word Length: 1,200 words ± 10% Assessment Purpose: The purpose of this assessment is for you to develop research skills and a critical understanding of the significance of organisations adopting International Human Resources Management (IHRM) policies and practices within the context of current professional and academic literature Assessment Task: This assessment requires you to write an essay in response to following question: Explain the term ‘culture shock’ and discuss the IHRM policies and practices that could be used to manage this. In your response, outline an organisational example that has effectively managed ‘culture shock’. To…


HRMT20024 Managing Human Resources assignment help !

| Assessment Task 1: Task Description The primary purpose of this assessment is for you to develop a critical understanding of future trends in HRM within the context of current academic literature. The second purpose is to develop your oral communication and presentation skills. You will explore the question:  “What is the current research for the HRM topic?” The HRM topic is drawn from the unit profile for weeks 4 – 12 inclusive and are as follows: Week 4 HR planning Week 5 Recruitment and selection Week 6 Employee relations challenges Week 7 Managing diversity and work-life balance Week 8 Performance…



EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: People form an integral part of the organization and are of paramount importance when it comes to its success. The efficiency of any organization depends on the efficiency of its human resource. Due to which it becomes important to have right number and right kinds of people at the right places, at the right time. And in order to choose right people at right place, the need for recruitment and selection process arises. Recruitment and selection process is one of the most important strategic functions of management. Often the terms are used together but are different in nature. Recruitment…



 INTRODUCTION: Social networking is basically defined as use of social media platforms to make connections with friends, family and other relatives by sitting anywhere in the world. In today’s modern business world, we all have access to mobile phones, tabs, laptops and especially internet almost every time and everywhere.  Thus it comes quite impossible for us to spend our day without interacting with some form of social media. The growth of social media has tremendously changed the way people communicate with each other. It mainly includes sites such as Facebook, whatsapp, instagram, LinkedIn and many more.  Along with the advancing the…


Why Corporate Social Responsibility is important- assignment help !

CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY TOWARDS COMPANY’S GROWTH: Customers may rely on corporations for their goods and services. But.. depending upon the level of competition, Corporations cannot survive only by providing quality goods at reasonable prices. Customers , now a days also take into account the activities of corporation outside the work place and how they are positively impacting the community. Being socially responsible means that the organisation including its people should behave ethically towards various aspects of society. It includes sensitivity towards cultural, economic, environmental & social aspects. Striving for social responsibility will help the individuals or organisation to have a positive…


Selection process as a function of HRM – Assignment help !

SELECTION PROCESS-AN OVERVIEW: The selection process starts after the process of recruitment. While recruitment is an effort to attract more and more persons to apply for the job, selection process involves eliminating unsuitable persons and selecting only those candidates who are suitable for job. Hence recruitment is termed as a positive process whereas selection is referred to as a negative process. So, selection process is defined as a tool to differentiate between the candidates who meets the required qualifications and can perform well in achieving the organizational goals, by applying various techniques such as interview, tests and physical examination etc. NEED…


Recruitment process as a function of HRM – Assignment help !

RECRUITMENT-AN OVERVIEW: Recruitment and selection is one of the important functions of HRM. Both these terms are often used interchangeably but are quite different from each other.  Recruitment is a positive process that involves attracting more and more people to apply for the job whereas selection involves choosing the most suitable candidate for the various jobs. So, Recruitment is defined as a process of searching for the employees required for job and stimulating them to apply for the job. PROCESS OF RECRUITMENT: Process of recruitment passes through the following stages: Finding out the sources of recruitment Developing techniques to attract the…


Performance Appraisal as a function of HRM- Assignment help

PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL-AN OVERVIEW It is a systematic process of evaluating the performance of an employee on the job in terms of job requirement to see if he can perform better in future. Performance appraisal also popularly known as merit rating or employee appraisal is a systematic evaluation of employees’ present contribution in the organization in order to discover how he is presently performing on the job and how he can perform better in the near future so that it benefits the individual as well as the organization as a whole. The process not only evaluates the qualities but also the deficiencies…


What is Quality control (QC) – Assignment help !

QUALITY CONTROL-AN OVERVIEW Quality control, now a days has become one of the most important function of management. Customer’s demand for quality product and competition from products of related concerns compel the business to maintain their quality standards. Quality control comprises of two terms i.e. ‘quality and ‘control. Quality involves the sum of all the characteristics of a product that make it attractive and durable to customer whereas the term control refers to process of verifying that whether the production is done as per the planning or standards set or not. So, quality control may be defined as a process of…


Human resource management- function 1:Manpower planning !


MANPOWER PLANNING- AN OVERVIEW: Human resource, no doubt, is one the most important asset of an organization. Its planning forms an important part of the managerial functions of an organization. Manpower planning ensures, putting right kind & right number of people at right place, time and job for which they are effective in order to achieve organizational goals. Proper planning of human resource will leads to adequate supply, proper quality as well as quality and effective utilization of manpower. NEED OF MANPOWER PLANNING: Manpower planning basically deals with assessing the human resource requirement and supplying adequate human resource. It is needed due to following reasons:…

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