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Reflection on unit learnings

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Reflection on unit learnings Assignment help This assessment includes two parts: an assessment of a student's participation in discussion forums throughout the unit, and an assessment of a 500 to 750 word reflection of the student's learning experience, submitted through turnitin. Participation in discussion forums is a learning experience. Students are strongly encouraged to participate in [...]

CS4860 Software Project Management

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CS4860 Assignment Help Software Project Management Assignment help Assignment Brief/ Coursework Content: This is the second piece of coursework for the CS4860 (Software Project Management). This coursework has the following goals:  To apply the Scrum agile methodology to plan, monitor, and steer the work of a software development team.  To evidence the correct and [...]

7026CEM – Security of Emerging Connected Systems

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7026CEM Assignment Help Security of Emerging Connected Systems Assignment help Task and Mark distribution: You are given access to an IoT environment named “domus”, representing a home owned by early adopters in the current move to "smart homes". The devices are all from a single manufacturer and you are required to evaluate the security aspects of [...]

IOT560 Internet of Things – Assessment 3 – Research Report

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Subject Code: IOT560 Subject Name: IOT560 Internet of Things Task Choose one of the topics given below and submit a research project, which should not exceed 4000 words. The ITC560 Assign3 Help File Template.doc is available in the Student Resources Folder on Interact2. Topics to select from but not limited to are: IoT for Sustainability IoT Devices [...]

IOT560 Packet Tracer and IoT Development Tasks – Assessment 2

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Subject Code: IOT560 Subject Name: IOT560 Internet of Things Task This assignment is comprised of two tasks. The tasks are outlined below. Task One You have just joined as an IoT Developer at HomeSpun IoT. The first project you have been tasked with is to setup of a demo IoT House for your immediate department head [...]

IOT560 Internet of Things – Online Quiz

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Subject Code: IOT560 Subject Name: Internet of Things Task The Online Quiz can be accessed through Interact2. The questions are based on the material covered by Topics 01 and 02, including the Cisco Introduction to Packet Tracer course. You are expected to work through this material before completing the quiz. Rationale This assessment task will assess [...]