Introduction to Linux coursework writing questions

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Unix was created in 1969 at AT&T’s Bell Labs. Above the PC level, Unix was a common OS in 1991. The long history of Unix was complex and it involved multiple forks such as splitting of the code into two or more independent projects, and even entirely separate code had been rewritten. Some of these had [...]

COIT13146 System and Network Administration Assignment Help

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If you looking assignment help in COIT13146, System and Network Administration or another linux assignment. Plagfree is ready to help you. If you got stuck with any week task, our experts can help you in that. WEEK 1 - INTRODUCTION TO LINUX AND VIRTUALISATION WEEK 2 - USING LINUX APPLICATIONS WEEK 3 - LINUX COMMAND LINE BASICS WEEK [...]

NIT1202 – Operating Systems, UNIX Script Assignment

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Tasks: You are required to write a Bourne Again Shell Script (bash) to manage a menu driven program. When executed the user should be presented with a menu with 4 (four) options: 1. Print the following user information: the home directory, path, userid , login shell together with the current date and time. 2. Ask a [...]

Assessment 1 – Scripting for System Automation COMP9053

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  Assessment 1 - Scripting for System Automation COMP9053 This assessment will test your knowledge of the command line tools, your ability to combine them to solve problems, your ability to write shell scripts and your ability to work from a high-level problem statement to a concrete solution via shell scripting. If you have any questions [...]

PG/UG CSI3208 / CSI5208 – Ethical Hacking and Defence

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Assignment 2 Assessment Notes:        UG (CSI3208) & PG (CSI5208) have different assessments UG students must undertake the UG assignment PG students must undertake the PG assignment Kali Linux is available as a virtual machine on the Unit Resources section of Blackboard   Task You are to infiltrate the provided system and attain root level privileges. [...]

Linux assessment item 3

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Length: 15 to 20 pages in length, including screenshots. Part 2 - Practical 1)      You work for a medium-sized organisation that runs approximately 35 Linux servers that perform a variety of tasks such web hosting, database hosting, application hosting, email relay, file serving, etc. You are required to compare services provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and one other cloud [...]

Linux server administration assignment

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Question 1 1) You are required to configure and test a DNS server. Configure a DNS server with both forward and reverse lookup. You should configure a domain name zone of, and a reverse name mapping zone of Configure A and PTR records for: host1 -, host2 - and host3 - Configure [...]

csc8512 Assignment 2

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Question 2 (marks 25) One of your users has purchased an 8.0TB OWC Mercury Elite Pro ex- ternal drive. The OWC drive contains 4x2.0TB Toshiba disks and has hardware RAID 1, 5, or 10. The plan is to use it as a RAID 5 backup storage. The RAID array will be connected to the work machine [...]