ANL251 Python Programming End of course Assessment

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Find a news article (that is of interest to you) from any trusted sources published in the last month. Formulate a research question in order to support, object to, or expand on the claim(s) in the selected news article. Find two (2) or more publicly accessible datasets on the web which can be used to answer [...]

ITECH1400 Fundamentals of Programming

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Assignment 1 – Sonnets and Doublets Python Assignment Overview In this assignment you will have the opportunity to test your Python skills in exploring and manipulating text. Throughout the assignment you are expected to apply the principles of problem solving that we have already discussed in this course. Timelines and Expectations Percentage Value of Task: 20% [...]

ANL251 Python Programming-Tutor Marked Assignment –SUSS

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(a) Describe the necessary user input to your program using the following table format. Choose the appropriate data type to store each user input. Explain your choices. Provide the screenshot of your Python code ONLY for prompting and storing user inputs. (15 marks) (b) Draw a flowchart to show the steps and briefly describe the logical [...]

ITECH1400 Recycling Machine Assignment

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ITECH1400 - Assignment 1 – Recycling Machine Assignment Help  Assignment Overview You are tasked with creating a text-based program for simulating a Recycling Machine using the Python 3 programming language. The assignment is broken up into four main components: Design and model two classes: RecyclableItem and RecyclingMachine, Create an activity chart which describes the behaviour of [...]

CITS1401 Problem Solving and Programming Python Assignment

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Project 2: Election Night Revisted - The Real Deal You are to construct a Python program containing your solution to the problem described below. You must submit your program electronically using cssubmit. No other method of submission is allowed. You are expected to have read and understood the University's guidelines on academic conduct. In accordance with this policy, [...]

CSP1150/CSP5110 Programming Principles

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Background Information This assignment tests your understanding of and ability to apply the programming concepts we have covered throughout the unit. The concepts covered in the second half of the unit build upon the fundamentals covered in the first half of the unit. Assignment Overview You are required to design and implement two related programs:  [...]

ITECH5403 – Assignment 2 – Parallel Implementations

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Due Date: 5pm, Friday of Week 11 This assignment will test your skills in programming applications to specification in a number of different programming languages, and is worth 20% of your non-invigilated (type A) marks for this course. Assignment Overview You are tasked with creating a text-based program for storing data on Hotel Room Bookings - [...]

ICT702 , Python Data Wrangling – Child Mortality

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Theme: Child Mortality Your task is to investigate mortality levels of children, infants and babies around the world.  Which countries have a high rate of child deaths and which countries have low rates?  Are there connections between child mortality rates and the income levels of the country, or the region where they are situated?  Are the [...]

CMP-5036A Information Retrieval, crawl and index

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Overview The aim of this assignment is to construct a simple search engine. You are expected to program this in Python, although you will not be penalised for the use of another language. Aims To give students practical experience of information retrieval systems, experimental work and evaluation Learning outcomes Improved program design and coding skills. Improved [...]


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Individual Assignment Tasks • Demonstrate data scraping of a social network of choice. • Develop technical documentation, including the development of the code & detailing the results. • Provide a report on the findings, that includes research into the ethics & security ramifications of your ability to data scrape, and any suggested mitigations (if required). Due [...]