CBU610 Business Strategy and Sustainability (Advanced)

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    Business Strategy and Sustainability (Advanced) Assignment help

    Learning Outcomes:

    Students will, by the end of the module, have the opportunity to:
    • Develop strategic objectives for a range of organisational contexts.
    • Identify the priorities of a range of stakeholders and consider their alignment with overall business objectives;
    • Evaluate models, theories, and concepts to assist with the understanding and interpretation of strategic directions available to an organisation.
    • Analyse the impact and influence which the macro environment, including sustainability drivers, has on an organisation and its business strategies;
    • Assess an organisation’s environment and capabilities and its apply to undertake its core business functions in a sustainable way.

    Given the challenging situation of Ryanair and the aviation industry since the beginning of the crisis created by COVID-19. Evaluate Ryanair’s current stance in facing the crisis.
    There are several questions for students to discuss:
     Evaluate how Ryanair is coping at present.
     What are the critical factors in the uncertainties facing Ryanair?
     How will Ryanair cope in the future?
     Advice to Michael O’Leary going forward.

    You Should consider using analytical tools such as PESTEL Analysis, SWOT Analysis, and Porter’s Five Forces Model to demonstrate the sustainability of Ryanair Business Strategy.

    Word limit:
    2,000 words +/– 10% (not including contents and reference list)

    An electronic copy is to be submitted to Turnitin on the VLE by 11:30pm on Thursday 13th April 2023.
    Your paper should be submitted as a Microsoft Word document.
    The English must be clear and coherent using an appropriate style for a business report.

    Assessment Criteria:
    Assessment will be undertaken using the attached rubric.

    Final feedback and provisional grades will be available on Turn-it-in on or before:
    27 April 2023, 11:30pm via the VLE

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