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    • Develop a Java GUI application using layoutmanagers

    • Develop an application that uses two or more classes

    • Implement interface(s)

    • Read and/or write from/to text files

    • Use ArrayList or LinkedList or any other data structure


    In your assignment 2, you can continue to develop the Java GUI application (hereafter called as application) that you have created in your assignment 1. You are also allowed to use the assignment1 sample solution that will be released on the unit web site. If you would like to modify the codes that you have submitted in your assignment 1, you are free to do so. You can adopt any layout patterns that are suitable for the requirements of the application in your assignment 2.

    Assignment Task specification

    CQT has requested you to help them to improve the application that you have developed by incorporating the tour booking for cusomers with the following conditions:

    1. To ascertain that the tour is not full prior to a tourbooking.

    2. To store the list of customers/travellers in a specifictour.

    Note: Each tour booking must have the details of a customer/traveller in the relevant tour. You need not perform any cancellation of a tour booking done earlier.

    Hence in addition to the requirements of the assignment 1, the application that you will develop in assignment 2 should perform all of the following:

    1. The application should provide control(s) to perform tour booking.

    2. The application should provide the necessary controls to select the specific tour to display the names of customers who are travelling in that tour.

    3. When the application is started, it should load the data from the relevant file(s) and display the details of the tours that are offered.

    4. Save the tour bookings in relevant files.

    Note: You need to do file reading/writing for the above mentioned requirements 3 and 4.

    In order to include these additional changes in the application, you may need to do any or all of the following:

    • develop additional Java classes

    • extend the existing Java classes that you have developed for your assignment1

    • implement newly created interface(s)

    For the assignment 2, you may need additional controls and you are encouraged to develop your own GUI layout. Please note that you can create the required file(s) through your application program for storing the data initially. During the subsequent run the same file(s) can be used by your application appropriately.

    Note: If you need to make suitable assumptions for the development of the above Java application, please provide them in the form of comments in the test driver file.

    Assignment submission

    1. You have to submit your assignment using the Moodle online submission system.

    2. You have to submit a zip file containing the text file(s) and all java source code files including the test driver file (any additional library/jar files used ifany).

    Assignment 2 Marking criteria Item





    GUI displays (1) details of the tours that are offered after

    reading (2) from the text file(s) without any compilation/ run time errors



    GUI displays the control(s) for new tour booking



    Allows selecting a tour (1) and displays the details of customers/travellers in the selected tour(2)



    Ascertains that the tour is not full prior to a tour booking/ implemented an interface to that effect



    Reads input data and perform a tour booking



    Saves/appends the data into the relevant text files



    Uses Exception handling and provides appropriate error messages



    Quality of code (GUI Layout, additional classes, interfaces, best programming practice – comments, indentation, naming and readability)


    Less late penalty (5% per calendar day)

    Less Plagiarism



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