COIT202259 Enterprise Computing Architecture

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    Subject – Enterprise Computing Architecture

    Code – COIT202259

    Research Report

    In this assignment, we have to prepare a research report on the topic “Major Enterprise Computing Architecture”. The report’s length should be around 2500 words excluding the reference list. The research report has to critically review the existing enterprise computing platforms which include JAVA EE, .NET and the Cloud. The report must be divided into five sections. First is a short introduction to enterprise computing and the technologies available for it. Then interpret the reason why a layered model of the enterprise software application is beneficial. After that write about service-oriented architecture and interpret which service can impart the general Java EE programming as well as run time environment. In next the section of the report, research about the run time framework and after that write about the pros and cons of JAVA EE or .NET. At last, conclude about the platform which is better for business and what will be its effect.  The report must be structured as an academic document. The format to be followed is clearly outlined in the question file. All the sections must be titled as well as numbered. References should be in Harvard style.

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